Got a great idea for an event? Let us know!

CapitalSquare is always looking to partner with individuals and groups to host events that align with our values of community, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. Please click the button below to fill in the form or send us an email at if you would like to host an interesting and inspiring event in our space!

A few event guidelines:

  1. The event(s) should be targeted towards entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, and/or creative professionals.
  2. The event should be aimed at promoting creativity and entrepreneurship and/or improving the community in some way.
  3. The event should have value-adding motives other than profit. That means you can't charge more than is reasonably required to host your event, and you can't outrightly sell products or services at your event (not to say that you can't promote your products and services, but the event has to be more than just a sales pitch).
  4. Examples of potential community led events include: office hours and advisory sessions, entrepreneurship/creative/technology workshops, non-profit project meetups, developer group meetups, skill sharing sessions, etc.

If your event doesn't meet any of the above criteria, you can still have it at CapitalSquare, but at the regular rates. Click here to make your booking.