10 Essential Social Media Tools For Startups

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate. With the revolution has come huge amounts of data, analytics and information about customers, followers and users.
With a seemingly endless list of social media tools out there today, it may be difficult to find the best tools for you

Here are 10 tools to help your startup solidfy and strengthen your social media strategy


Buffer is a  practical tool to help manage content in a timely fashion. It is a social media management app that lets you quickly share content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on your computer or mobile phone. You can plan and post updates on your accounts at specific times. You also get free, detailed analytics on all posts to measure your daily social media activity  including likes, shares and retweets. 


Imagery is extremely important for social media but as a startup you may not be able to hire a graphic designer. Canva is the perfect graphic design tool because it enables anyone to become a designer. It makes it simple to create stunning images. You select from a range of fantastic templates, use drag and drop to add imagery and easily customize colors and text. You’ll easily and quickly produce high quality imagery with appropriate dimensions for several social media channels.


Bitly is the perfect tool for shortening links. Bitly doesn't just shorten URLs, it offers an analytics and tracking service. You can easily see how many times your link has been clicked as well as what network they were using. Bit.ly also allows you to create custom links. 


HootSuite is a social media management system. It allows you to manage all your social networks in one place. You can monitor, schedule posts and publish to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Hootsuite also makes it possible for you and your team to delegate between responses to fans and followers.

Hootsuite lets you search for mentions of your brand on Twitter so you can interact with existing and potential customers.

Google Analytics

This is one of the best tools for tracking not only social media stats, but also blog, website, and digital advertising stats. Google Analytics can tell you everything you need to know about every webpage — including how many people clicked on links, their demographics, and a lot more. You can see exactly who’s engaging with your brand and focus your efforts on targeting them.


Find out when you’ll receive the most exposure for your tweets by letting Tweriod analyze your account. Tweriod breaks down your report into daily and hourly windows when you can expect the highest engagement with what you share. Tweriod insights help you check your scheduling and plan your social media drivebys.


TwitterFeed is a tool that allows you to connect RSS feeds so that posts are automatically posted to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile. Simply enter your feed, connect your social media accounts, and send your posts away. It comes with tracking tools for follow-up. However, If you have feeds for separate categories on your blog, you can set up Twitter Feed to post only particular content


IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and is a great tool for automating personal notifications and social media actions online. IFTTT currently connects with 130 channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Choose from existing recipes or create your own channels

Kuhcoon Ads

Keeping an eye on running Facebook advertising campaigns everyday can be difficult but with Kuhcoon, you can search, sort, and filter in order to locate campaigns and individual ads. Kuhcoon's mobile apps let you pause and launch campaigns, monitor campaigns in real-time, and track ad performance and results.


Use Klout to measure and track your impact on social media.
Klout collects information on various social profiles to come up with a popularity score between 1 and 100 and then lets you follow your score over time as it ebbs and flows. Beyond tracking your Klout score, you can track topics, view content suggestions, and post straight to your connected social profiles.

BONUS: Twitter Analytics

Twitter's recently launched Analytics tool, gives you in-depth analytics of your tweets as well as your followers. It lets you see what topics your followers are interested in so you can create content for them or target a new demographic. 

Social media is all about content and if you produce high quality content relevant to your target audience and build relationships with the right people, you will generate money. The tools listed above will help you achieve this

Photo Credit: mkhmarketing, Flickr