10 Team Motivation Killers And How To Fix Them

When your team lacks the neccessary motivation to get any work done, it affects their performance and reduces productivity. The only solution to fixing a lack of motivation is to find the motivation killers in your workplace and eliminate them.

Here are some behaviours that kill your team spirit and how you can fix them or scroll to the bottom for an Infographic. 

The Problem: Inadequate rewards

If people feel like they aren't being compensated well for their efforts, they begin to resent work and lose the motivation to do their best.

The Fix: Clearly defined rewards system

Let your team members feel valuable and like they mean something by rewarding them according to what they are worth

The Problem: Awful office space

If your team members aren't comfortable in the working environment, they'll be less motivated to do their jobs and they may feel constrained.

The Fix: Re-think the office layout

Provide an environment that makes for productive and effiecient workers

The Problem: No self-development

When team members don't have the chance to learn and improve themselves, they become unhappy and this results in a lack of motivation.

The Fix: Send your team to a fun training.

Delight members of your team by giving them time and resources to develop themselves.

The Problem: Inefficient collaboration

When team members feel like they don't have a say in anything and that their contributions aren't important, it may make them feel valueless.

The Fix: Ask a question every now and then.

Make your team members feel invaluable by asking them for their opinions and let them feel like their input is welcome and appreciated

The Problem: Negative people

When a team member is unhappy, they become negative and this negativity can spread to all the other members of the team.

The Fix: Measure employee happiness.

Try to pay attention to your team. Know when they're happy or unhappy.

The Problem: Fear of failure

An unhealthy fear of failure may stump creativity and make team members less productive than they could be.

The Fix: Don't punish people for honest mistakes.

Develop an open culture where people can explore ideas and improve team effectiveness.

The Problem: Lack of clear goals

When there are no clearly defined targets, people won't know what exactly it is they need to achieve and this may leave them feeling ineffective.

The Fix: Implemebt objectives and key results.

Assign team members defined objectives. This way, they won't feel like they are wasting their time

The Problem: Micromanaging bosses

Not giving enough freedom to the team may make them feel stumped and unhappy, thus reducing productivity.

The Fix: Use the PPP process

Get insights from your team using the PPP (progress, plans, problems) process.

The Problem: Useless meetings

Meetings can be useful and productive but when people spend more time in meetings than they do working, they tend to feel unproductive.

The Fix: Properly prepare for meetings.

Call meetings only when absolutely necessary and have an agenda and a time schedule and stick to them

The Problem: Wasting your team's time

People are less likely to put in all their efforts into work when they feel like their time is being wasted.

The Fix: Use smart tools to collaborate with teams.

There are a plethora of tools that help you collaborate effectively with your teammates. Find one that works best for you and use it.