Why Is Instagram So Popular?


Instagram is not only a photo-sharing and video-sharing app, but also a social networking service. It allows users take pictures and videos and share them with friends and followers. The service launched on October 6, 2010 and had reached over 25 million users in under two years. It was acquired by Facebook for $1billion in April 2012. Instagram currently has over 200 million monthly active users.

Instagram opened up a new world of photography and in this article Mike Krieger, cofounder of Instagram, talks about how the company grew and what made it so successful.

****"People often ask how much of Instagram’s adoption we anticipated. Working on a startup is a balancing act: being crazy enough to believe your idea can take off, but not crazy enough to miss the signs when it’s clearly not going to. We grappled with both in the year before launching Instagram.

At first, we were building an app called Burbn, a location-based social network written in HTML5. Burbn was well-liked and had a few passionate daily actives, but it wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire. Our attempts at explaining what we were building was often met with blank stares, and we peaked at around 1,000 users. For those early adopters, though, it was a new way of sharing what they were doing out in the world. Many of our favorite updates came from friends who posted to Burbn after putting their photos through some early filter apps, compensating for the lower image sensors on phones like the iPhone 3G."****

Instagram has gained huge success in the few years of its' existence. Continue reading Mike's post here. Follow us on Instagram - We are @CapSqr.

Source: Medium