How To Retain And Attract Talent For Your Startup


In the long run, the success of a business - a small business in particular - depends much on the talent and efforts of the people in it. This means that you have to not only attract, but retain the best talent for your startup in order to have a competitive advantage. Attracting and retaining top talent is no easy task. Here are six strategies to help you

Treat your talent search as a marketing opportunity

Your recruitment process can be a strong branding tool if it is well thought out and managed. It can put your company across in either a positive or negative light. Those who are really good at what they do will be interviewing the company just as much as they are getting interviewed for a job. Be sure to develop in-depth job descriptions that describe company culture. Create a career page on your company website that will get people excited about the business.

Give clear expectations 

Effective communication is very important when recruiting. Ensure that you make it clear what you expect from a prospective employee. This way, you're more certain of landing the right kind of talent. Define clear expectations, state out tasks and experience/qualifications required on the job spec. Learn about a prospect's background, life and career goals. Make the right people feel welcome from the beginning.

Encourage employee work/life balance 

You should be encouraging a work/life balance for your employees as it is one of the greatest ways to ensure that you retain the top talent at your business. This is because employees will feel like you care about them. Offering workers time away from the office to work from home, or organizing midweek out-of-hours events will go a long way towards striking up a good balance.

Offer real value

Giving employees work perks is a good thing, but don't become so focused on added benefits that you forget to give them real value. Make employees feeling like they are contributing to company growth and success. This challenges them and makes them more invested in the organization overall. If you can offer things that matter like a competitive salary, flexible schedules and rewarding work, you will easily attract and retain top talent.

Give them independence

Show employees that you trust them to do their work well. Constantly looking over the shoulders of your employees will leave them frustrated. You hired them for a reason. Let them do their work. Your employees will do their best work and could even come up with new and useful ideas when someone isn't watching them all hours of the day.

Provide room for growth

Employees that want to succeed will want to have opportunities to learn and expand their skill set. Without opportunities to grow, your employees will feel unchallenged and professionally stunted. Find ways to clearly outline a path towards career advancement. Developing your employees potential is also benefitial to you because your business will reap the fruits.

Attracting talent is the easier part; retaining talent on the other hand takes a lot of work, but ultimately, gives you a solid company. There's no point attracting talent you can't retain.