Introducing: Demo Days @ CapitalSquare


Hello people!

While planning for 2014, a big thing on our minds at CapitalSquare was how to give more to the startup/entrepreneur community in Lagos. We came up with a few ideas (which we'll definitely let you know eventually), but the first thing we want to work on is Demo Day.

Demo Day is a programme we'll be running every other month, starting in March. For a few hours, we'll bring together a number of creators who are doing something new and interesting in their industries. They'll give a short talk and a demo of their products, and get some valuable feedback (as well as some tough questions) from our audience, who will be made up of other entrepreneurs, potential customers and investors, and the media.

What this does is open doors for the entrepreneurs, help them connect with a network of people who are interested in what they're doing, and give them insight into possible ways to improve their business or product. And for the audience, it's a great learning experience, and a great way to spark new ideas.

And the best thing? It's absolutely free.

If you'd like to demo your product, apply here. We're looking for products and projects that will grab our attention, make us curious, and potentially change the world (or at least your industry).

The first edition comes up on March 4, 2014 from 5:00pm.

  • Holding Sign designed by Takao Umehara from the Noun Project

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