So What's a Jelly, Anyway?

If you've taken a look at our events page lately, you should have noticed an interestingly-named event - our first ever Jelly, that's going to happen on May 23. This blog post is an attempt to give you a brief history of the term, and tell you why we're having one. 

Like the food product, Jelly events aren't new. The first one happened in February 2006 when two New York freelancers (and roommates) Amit and Luke realized that they loved working from home, but missed the creative brainstorming and sharing of a traditional office. So they started inviting friends to come work from their home one day a week. They soon found that working around new and interesting people resulted in new ideas and interesting conversations. And Jelly was born.

There have been a bunch of Jellies around the world - little ones, big ones - but there's one thing they all have in common: Jellies are for everyone, kind of like coworking. To be honest, jellies espouse all the values of coworking: collaboration, community, innovation, friendship, sharing, serendipity - all those amazing things that happen when a bunch of cool, intelligent people are together.

Knowing all this, it just seemed like a no-brainer to have a Jelly at CapitalSquare - we have the space and the internet and some awesome people here already, so why not invite more? Plus, it's a chance to introduce you all to the awesomeness that is coworking at CapitalSquare.

So what's in it for you?

A free workspace, for one. You also get the chance to interact with other entrepreneurs and start interesting conversations. You could meet a new customer, or a new business partner. You could discover something knew that could potentially fix all the problems you've been having with your startup. The truth is, you just never know.

Find out more about our next Jelly here (make sure you sign up so your space is guaranteed), and come in that day with your laptop/notepad/whatever you need to get your work done, a smile on your face, and an open mind.

See you!