APPLY: Fora is Hiring- No Experience Needed!

Our friends at Fora are looking for someone new to join their team, and we thought we should help them spread the word (since they're so cool and stuff). Here's what they have to say:

We know you are looking for a job that is respectable, stable and pays very well. Jobs like that don’t come easily especially if you are coming fresh out of school with no experience. However, if you are smart, willing to work hard, and enjoy the idea of learning new things, it might be possible for you to get that kind of job at Fora.

Fora is a new type of company. Strictly driven by merit, we work with bright young people in Nigeria and Canada to turn them into highly paid IT professionals.

If you make it through the rigorous application process, you will be hired and trained as a Software Engineer. You will be provided with consistent and powerful career advancement and you will be working in a beautiful office with some of the smartest young people in the country.

The ideal candidate must be a curious mind who is interested in tech but may not have had any training or experience with it. He/She must be deeply responsible and care a lot about improving their lot in life. While fora respects your degrees, what really counts is your drive and determination so anyone can apply but you must be able to read and write English. The pay is very generous and there are multiple opportunities for advancement if you are willing to work hard.

Apply today by sending an email to by May 10th, 2014 (its really close) and let’s see if you have what it takes!

Good luck!