Top 5 Money Management Apps For You

Money management is one of the difficult aspects of running a busines, and even your own personal life.

There are numerous apps available to help you with budgeting, saving money, and keeping track of your receipts and expenditures. We've tracked down the best 5 money management apps.

Toshl Finance

Android | iOS | Windows Phone
Toshl is a great expense and budget tracker, especially for those who travel a lot. It works with any currency and allows you separate day-to-day expenses from your travel budget.
It helps with your money, bills, budgets and expenses and syncs across devices

Money Lover Expense Manager

Android | iOS | Windows Phone

Money Lover Expense Manager is a simple manager for tracking your personal finance. Create budgets, monitor expenses and control savings. The app works with over 150 currencies and is easy to use.


Android | iOS

Manage your personal finance on the go with Spendee. The app analyzes your income and expenses and then gives you relevant financial advice and infographics detailing your spending. 

Spendee allows you to set recurring payments, enable notifications, and export your data to Excel, CSV, and Google Drive.


Android | iOS | Windows Phone

The Expensify app is perfect for business people. It allows you scan receipts, and link debit and credit cards to check your spending habits. You can also create expense reports.

The app automatically converts currency while you travel and supports almost all currencies. You can also export your data to Excel, Evernote, Dropbox and more.

Price Check Nigeria

Android | iOS | Windows Phone

PriceCheck is a quick and convenient way to save money when buying products. Find the best bargains on a wide range of products and compare prices of products from different stores in Nigeria 

Are there any apps you use that aren't listed here? Please add them in the comments