This month , the spotlight turns to Josiah Uma, a Software Developer & IT Consultant for ViganTech . ViganTech is an Information Technology Consulting firm in Nigeria, established in 2013 and registered under the parent company Vigan Group. The company is geared towards developing cutting age systems for small and medium enterprises as well as developing online products that best fit the Nigerian market.

Josiah Uma

Josiah Uma

NAME : Josiah Uma

Occupation: Software Developer & IT Consultant, ViganTech

Working from CapitalSquare since June 2014

About ViganTech

ViganTech is an Information Technology Consulting firm Nigeria established in 2013. The company is geared towards developing cutting age system for small and medium enterprises as well as developing online products that best fits the Nigerian market. They also deliver high quality, cost effective IT solutions for small and medium businesses and start ups.

ViganTech hopes to be one of the nationally acclaimed IT Consultancies that works to achieve Information Technology growth and usage in Nigeria.

                                                             the interview

What do you love about working for yourself?

Most importantly, i enjoy the flexibility of time that comes with working for oneself. I am able to create my own schedule and work towards achieving goals at my own pace.

What is the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur?

I think for me, the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur is actually being an entrepreneur itself, as i get asked a lot by so many people why i choose to quit my job and create mine especially in a society where the norm is to go to school (studying one of society [referred courses), graduate, good job, retire and earn pension. Being an entrepreneur is something that is gradually being accepted here.

What do you wish you knew before you started your business?

There are no bad / impossible ideas, only irrelevant ones.

Why do you do what you do? Where did the idea come from?

The idea of running an innovative SME IT consulting / software development company came from my experience running my previous business (Oveem Store - An online fruits and vegetable shop - During this period, i realized a lot of business owners approached me for advice and IT strategies they could implement to move their business forward as we did with Oveem store. So far we have give advice and implementation for several SME's and large firms in areas sch as SMO, SEO. Web and Mobile Development, Custom Business Software etc.

How different is what you do now from what you wanted to do as a child?

There isn't much of a difference, as i have always wanted to be a business owner from childhood, maybe not necessarily in the IT sector as i had more flare for mechanics and engineering growing up. However, i picked up an interest in computers at age 12 when my neighbors’ dad got him one of the old IBM desktop PC's with windows and DOS programs only. I got really fascinated at some of the things i could do with the crude system.

How long have you been working out of CapitalSquare? What has the experience been like?Would you recommend it?

I have been working out of CapitalSquare for nearly 4 months now ad i must say it's been a fantastic experience! Especially having the privilege to meet and sometimes work alongside some of the most brilliant people. The diversity of ideas and companies i come across in CapitalSquare is truly amazing and i will always recommend it as a great atmosphere for young enthusiastic entrepreneurs to work and socialize.

If you could share a desk with any two people in the world, who would they be? Why?

Richard Branson, i have always admired his less serious approach to entrepreneurship and business in general.

Alan Sugar, i simply love him!

If you could be an animal, what would you be?

I would be a cat, because they have a mind of their own and are full of mysteries.


And that concludes the interview!

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          Skype: elkinzie

          Phone: 2347013600510, 2348092416000


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