ShowRoom.NG Launches on February 2. Here's How It All Started

Editor's note:

This is a guest post by Sheriff Shittu, one of our members here at CapitalSquare .

His start-up, is launching on the 2nd of February, 2015.  Like the name implies, it's an online showroom "that will revolutionize how you buy furniture and interior decor in Nigeria". Interestingly, the first code for the site was written at CapitalSquare, and we're hoping, along with Sheriff, that it becomes a success story from here as they work toward becoming a multi-million dollar business in few years.

We've asked Sheriff to share the story of how it all started. Enjoy.

I moved to this [Lekki] axis in September last year, and having worked for 18 months with Konga, I thought it was time to get back into the startup arena. I had taken a break from entrepreneurship in 2012 after 7 years, but really the time has changed in the tech industry in Nigeria.

So, when I moved, I needed furniture for my new apartment, and given that we were expecting a baby, I needed to get something more baby-friendly and cool at the same time. I was impressed by the number of furniture outfits along Lekki-Epe express way, but visiting each to have a glance at what they sold was tedious work that I didn’t find pleasurable. I love furniture, art, and nicely designed home décor. I have been pinning pictures, of my ideal bedroom, living room, office for few years now. I thought, ah ah! If I’m facing this headache, thousands of other people will. So, I did some market sample to feel how much of a pain this is. I was not surprised by the feedback I got. 

Having worked with the team that launched first Konga mall, and led (software release and planning) the second effort launched last year April, I thought, why not create a showroom-like marketplace for this niche.  We’ll put an end to the need to visit several showrooms before you can find what you need.

In a simple word, is your one-stop shop online for top quality furniture and home décor. We are very passionate about helping customers find the best furniture at the most reasonable price with less stress.

As we launch on the 2nd of February this year, it is our hope that we will create a cultural shift in how people discover and buy furniture in Nigeria.

In case you need a prelaunch view of how the site looks, please give me a shout and I will send you a link ASAP. You can as well subscribe to our mailing list to get alert on launch progress here.

You can reach us at

Sheriff is an entrepreneur, ex-Konga staff, CEO at, and Advisor/COO at . He's, in his own words (or hashtag, rather) #ExecutionObsessed. Say hello on Twitter @possicon, or read his blog here.