Member Spotlight: Moise Nalemane Gomis of Bombolom productions

Each month, CapitalSquare features one of our members in the member spotlight series.  It serves to highlight  and provide visibility to our members with regards to their career path, contributions and experience with CapitalSquare.  It is also a great way to meet with your colleagues and find members with similar interests.


This month's spotlight turns to Moise Nalemane Gomis, CEO of Bombolom Productions Sarl

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OCCUPATION: Journalist and CEO at Bombolom Productions

Working from CapitalSquare since July 2015



The Interview went thus

Can we meet you?

My name is Nalemane Moise Gomis. Moise is my first name while Gomis is my family name . I am from Guinea Bissau and Gomis is a Portuguese name (The Portuguese colonised Guinea). In those days, to live in the city, it was compulsory to have a portuguese name , hence, the name Gomis.  Moise is the same as Moses. My father used to be a manager of an immigrant house, and the immigrants suggested to my dad that he should name his child Moses and this is how I came about the name.

 What do you do?

I run a company called BOMBOLOM PRODUCTIONS .  Bombolom is a hood drum in my village used to communicate. It was important to have a brand that represents what I do, because I am working on information and communication, Once people hear Bombolom, I don’t have to explain myself, they know what I do. My job is to work with people, communities, societies and all.  As a journalist, you are a messenger between people who are looking for information and those who have it or people who have it and don’t want people to know they do.

What is your business mainly about?

TV Documentaries, Newspapers, Radio production,  Everything journalism. Being a journalist, I connect people to information , work with them and collaborate with them. I’m a storyteller basically. I can do any kind of story. Especially about those people call ‘area boys’.

So you studied journalism?

Gomis, during the interview, looking so engrossed!

Gomis, during the interview, looking so engrossed!

Yes I did, I studied Journalism at a Journalism school in France in the 90s and after I finished, I started working. I joined a radio station in my town and after a while, I became the manager in 1998. I was the manager at this radio station for 15 years. I also had other jobs of working for public radio stations in France. ( Lol! I’ve given you my cv).

 So you work for yourself right now?

Yes, I do.

What do you love most about working for yourself?

It’s my first time to work for a private company and It happens to be my own company. I’m very happy about this. When I started thus company, my goal was to be free and independent.  This company is also my main link to come to Africa, It really made me come to Africa, My origin.

So this company brought you back to Africa?

 Not exactly. I am European by birth and I’ve been in France all my life but I always wanted to explore the Africanness in me. This is an opportunity to do that now.

Does this mean most of the stories you cover are African stories?

At this stage of my life which I believe is the middle stage, I want to discover Africanism but to be here is not just an African reality, It is a universal Reality. Africa is now,Africa is not just the future, It is the present.. I work as a correspondent for French Media in Nigeria and I cover Nigerian stories. It is not restricted to Nigeria because the world is global. Perhaps in few years, I would move to cover other stories in other locations depending on what the media dictates. A journalist does not stay in one place.  

So why Nigeria?

 Hmnn, I get this question all the time. And everytime, I say : Why not? Why not Nigeria?.  I see Lagos as one of the best cities in the world. To me, Lagos is the New York of Africa. Lagos is in the 21st century what Newyork was in the 20th century. I came into Nigeria at a very good time, It is the year of election, I came in at a time when so much is going on. Economic issues, Northern crisis and other newsworthy stories.   

 Do you see Nigeria as a long term location?

Absolutely! I have applied for a 3 year residency card and I intend to move my wife here.  I want to live here with my family.  I will keep Nigeria as my homeland in Africa. Here, I am focused and I love it.

How has your CapitalSquare experience been?

Everytime I see the crew taking prospective members on a tour round the space,  I talk along with them. You can testify to that. I say to them : ‘You don’t have to worry, just come’. Before I came, I was looking to work in a place like this : A coworking space.   When you work in a place like this, It fosters networking and exchange of ideas. I ddnt know anyone when I came to Nigeria and When you are building a start up,  you might want to build your confidence by interacting with people.  A Coworking space provides this opportunity and It makes you not to be alone.  You shouldn’t be alone as a start up person because you might feel lost..  Places like this would make you meet other Entrepreneurs like you .CapitalSquare is doing more than a great job and I told my wife I have never seen such a beautiful office. Some people think I am crazy because you would always see me enthusiastic and happy. That is how I really feel working here. I feel like I am living my dream. This is the address I give everyone . I have my own office, pay my own bills and do my own thing. It’s totally fulfilling.  It is like when I paid my bills for my accommodation for the first time in France 25 years ago. I’m happy here. CapitalSquare members are like my family. You see I call you my daughter (Chuckles).

What do you love most about CapitalSquare?

Hahahaa. For me, It is the kitchen. It is very comfortable . I like the way the kitchen is set up, everyone is close to one another and you don’t have a choice but to talk to other people. In France, our Lunch time is used for networking and I see that happening here. I love the hall of fame in the kitchen, It is highly innovative.  Everyday I say Daalu (thank you) to Lilian ( the Center manager) because she was my first contact and when I had a chat with her initially, She said : ‘Just Come, you’ll love it’ and I came and really loved it.  

Gomis at his Favourite spot, the Kitchen!

Gomis at his Favourite spot, the Kitchen!

Gomis poses for a selfie with Tolani, the communication executive at CapitalSquare and Alain, his visiting colleague from France

Gomis poses for a selfie with Tolani, the communication executive at CapitalSquare and Alain, his visiting colleague from France


That's all folks!

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