MEMBER SPOTLIGHT : Olufemi Micheal Ayo of Polo Solutions.

We have a lot of amazing people working from CapitalSquare, and because they are so great, we thought we should help you get to know them and what they're about.

Meet Ayo Olufemi Micheal, a business support specialist for Polo Solutions Project

Ayo Olufemi Micheal

Ayo Olufemi Micheal

NAME : Ayo Olufemi Micheal

OCCUPATION : Business Support Specialist 

Working from CapitalSquare since November 2014


Polo Solutions is an Information Technology / Value Added Services Solutions provider and system integrator committed to delivering first class quality and state of the art technology solutions to discerning businesses; with an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of the African market, we deliver to the continents leading operators.

Polo Solutions also offers a spectrum of products and services which includes Chat, Social Networking ( Black Naija), Content Portals, Bulk SMS, Short codes, Job Classifieds, etc.


                                                                  the interview!

What do you love about working for yourself?

Haha, not working for myself. I work with the polo solutions project team. I do love every bit of it, i know that there are a lot of happy people out there that enjoy our services


What’s the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur?

The hardest part of been an entrepreneur is the drive to start, it takes more than a passion to start


Why do you do what you do? Where did the idea come from?

Basically I don't why I do what I do, maybe because I love fixing people's problems. My ideas come from everyday thing but most of it happened in my restroom


How different is what you do now from what you wanted to do as a child?

A lot of difference, always wanted to be a marine engineer but guess what i'm a  Business Support Specialist

Some websites they've worked on at Polo Solutions

Some websites they've worked on at Polo Solutions

How long have you been working out of CapitalSquare? What has the experience been like? Would you recommend it?

Been working out of CapitalSquare for 3 month plus now. The experience has been good. *Wait a minute do I get paid for the advert* Sure I will definitely recommend CapitalSquare


If you could share a desk with any two people in the world, who would they be? Why?

Kevin Mitnick and Albert Einstein, with these two I don't see my self running out of ideas and solutions.


If you could be any animal, what would you be?

The Turritopsis Nutricula(jellyfish)


That's all folks!

Need a website for your new business, or does your old one need a revamp? Get in touch with Ayo and the Polo Solutions team here:



Skype: ayo.olu3



And if you'd like to join Ayo  and the other amazing people working out of CapitalSquare, click here to see our plans and pricing. There'll definitely be something for you.