7 Tools For Creating Awesome Presentations and SlideDecks

At a certain point in your career, you will have to give a presentation. Making beautiful and captivating slides for your presentation might be difficult, but with the right tools you can create and deliver amazing presentations that won't put your audience to sleep. There are plenty of free and paid options and tools when it comes to creating presentations, but here are seven of the best.

Haiku Deck - Free

Haiku Deck allows you to create presentations that are "easily projected, shared, posted, embedded on a website or blog, or viewed on any web-enabled device." You can create your presentations from scratch and it is very easy to use. Slides made with Haiku Deck are more dependent on imagery and graphics than words and there are only a few words allowed per-slide. You can choose to make your slideshow private, public, or restricted to a few people


Prezi is a great online presentation tool for creating non-linear presentations with great animations and motion effects. It allows you use images, graphs, charts, and other details to personalise your presentation. Prezi enables collaboration so you can work with your classmates or colleagues on your presentation at the same time. Prezi is free (but all of your presentations will be visible to the public). There are paid plans that provide storage for files, privacy, offline editing and more features

Google Slides

Like other Google Drive applications, Slides lets you collaborate with other users, and you can access your slides anywhere and anytime on any computer or device, or send it to anyone who needs to see it. Slides also makes embedding images, charts, graphs, even videosand more as easy as possible. You can also edit slides offline. Google Slides is free and all you need is a Google Account


Apple's Keynote is a very easy to use presentation application. It has great tools to edit images for your presentations, it easily supports videos, interactive charts, PowerPoint documents and much more. It allows users to work between their Mac and iOS devices. Keynote can be purchased as a stand-alone product, or as part of Apple's iWork productivity suite.


Projeqt provides an easy way to pull materials from various sources and insert these materials directly into your presentation. From YouTube to LinkedIn to Instagram and Spotify, you can pull in feeds and create shortcuts to your favourite services even blog feeds. Projeqt allows you to create dynamic presentations and works on all screens (mobile and browser) and platforms. It is free to use


Slides is an online presentation tool that allows you to customize your own slide themes using beautiful fonts, shapes, smooth transitions, and color sets that are responsive to different browsers. Your presentations are then hosted on the web and can be shared easily. Slides is free for public presentations and there are paid plans that enable you create private presentations, use team plans for custom branding and more.


Although Canva is mostly used for designs, it can also be used to create slides for presentations. Canva provides presentation templates that can be easily customized however you like. It includes a wide reange of layouts and library of images, backgrounds and specially formatted text boxes. Canva is free to use with paid images and layouts starting at $1

With the above tools and applications, creating a well-designed presentation shouldn't be so hard. These tools are easy to use, some enable you to collaborate with others and more. So get creating and make awesome presentations.