8 Best Analytics Apps For Your Startup

How do you get useful and meaningful stats about the performance of your website and effectiveness of your social media plan? Or you want to know if the change to your website is increasing sales or getting you more subscribers? The right analytics tool can help you because it enables you track what's working and what isn't working for your mobile apps, websites and social media accounts. Here are  tools for you:

1. Crazy Egg


Crazy Egg allows you to explore your website’s usability. It enables you to build heat maps to track visitors' clicks based on where exactly they are clicking in your website. It allows you to really see what parts of your site users are finding most interesting and clicking on the most. Discover how far down the page people scroll and know where visitors exit a page, differentiate clicks by referral sources, search terms and more. It is very easy to setup and helps you improve on your web design thereby increasing engagement.

2. Cyfe

Cyfe is an all-in-one dashboard that helps in monitoring and analyzing real time data from multiple online services, including Google Analytics, AdSense, MailChimp, Facebook, WordPress, and Twitter from one place. You can monitor individual departments, multiple websites and anything else using dashboards, get real time reports, never lose data, pull reports individual reports and overviews from multiple sources, monitor brand mentions and marketing channels and so mucgh more.

3. Google Analytics

This is one of the most popular analytics tools available as it is easy to use and completely free. It comes with a lot of features and can help you understand traffic patterns, traffic sources, conversions, bounce rates, paid search statistics, and a whole lot more, so you can improve on whatever needs to be improved upon. Google analytics not only measures website activity, but also mobile app analytics and can give you stats on activities from all the major social networks. Find out about new users, returning users and more.

4. Keyhole

 Keyhole is one of the best tools for tracking hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It helps you measure conversations around your brand and campaigns and allows you to disvover prospective clients and influencers talking about or looking for your services. It also helps you drive engagement by finding and re-sharing relevant content. Keyhole gives you insight that can help you determine the popularity and success of any hashtag.

5. KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics offers a great system for tracking, analyzing and optimizing digital marketing performance.. It gives you detailed information about what your website visitors are doing on your website, before, during, and after they buy from you. It also enables you to discover the strongest and weakest features of your website so you can make neccessary changes. It provides real time data you need to improve conversion rates.  Kissmetrics gives you a quick view of your app revenue and other important business metrics.

6. Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an analytics tool that helps you measure user engagement. It offers both web and mobile app analytics, but provides special emphasis on the mobile segment. The tool gives you real-time data, funnel analysis, in-depth analysis and cohort analysis; segmentation is very detailed; and there's a ‘people’ function that allows you to send push notifications to users based on actions taken within the app. The reports help to link between web users and mobile users and understand website retention statistics.

7. Segment.io

Segment.io helps you integrate multiple app analytics tools. It is a single hub that enables you to collect, translate and route customer data. It is simple to use, fast and flexible. Features include ecommerce analytics, user testing, unlimited projects, marketing automation, collaboration and more. Analyze data and revenue, manage relationships and see how people are using your webiste.

8. SumAll

SumAll gives you insight into every important metric you need from every social, commerce, and web service you use. Get daily or weekly email updates as to how things are changing on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and 39 other platforms. You can also view this data on a web dashboard at anytime. Some of the features are real time data monitoring, goal tracking and more.

Tracking statistics and interpreting the data is important in order to make good decisions for your business. But it is important to know your needs and how to effectively use an analytics tool before you decide to choose it. You may use more than one analytics tool depending on your needs as multiple tools give you more information about your success rate and tells you what needs to change.