Infographic: 11 Incredible Coworking Statistics That Will Make You Leave Your Cubicle

Wondering whether you should give coworking a try? Here are 11 statistics that should make the decision easier:


So, to summarise, coworking is great because:

  1. You'll be surrounded by people like you, who really get what this entrepreneur life is about. 
  2. You'll feel better and more balanced.  
  3. You won't be distracted by house chores or office politics.
  4. You can work flexibly and set your own working hours.
  5. You'll probably make more money than if you were working from home, as potential customers are more likely to take you seriously.
  6. You'll be in a supportive environment where you can make make great business contacts, great friends. 
  7. Bonus: Most coworking spaces (CapitalSquare included) come with free, fast internet, electricity all day long, meeting rooms for when you need some privacy, and never-ending tea and coffee. 

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