Kola Tubosun is a finalist in the CNN Multichoice African Journalist Awards

We've always known that CapitalSquare members are amazing people, but some validation doesn't hurt :)

Today, we're celebrating our member Kola Tubosun (you might remember him from his guest post here about the Yorubaname.com project), who's just been announced as a finalist in the 2015 edition of the CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards. Yes, it's a mouthful, but it's also kind of a big deal, considering that:

  1. There were entries and nominations from 39 countries across the continent;
  2. Finalists were from less than half of those (31 finalists from 15 countries);
  3. Out of a pool of mostly journalists in traditional (print, radio, and TV) media, Kola was selected for his blog!

That just goes to show that blogging is becoming a very significant and powerful medium for sharing information and making an impact. In Kola's words, “I am more gratified that blogging is finally getting its long deserved attention from traditional gatekeepers; that’s very satisfying.”

Kola, who has  has an MA in Linguistics from the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, USA (2012), and a BA in Linguistics from the University of Ibadan (2005)., is the blogger behind the language and travel blog, KTravula.com. He is also the editor of NTLitMag, the curator of Yorubaname.com, and the coordinator of the #TweetYorubaProject, a campaign and movement to translate Twitter into Yoruba language.

His inspiration comes from life, his family and progress from his works, and although he submitted an entry for this award, he never expected to be selected as a finalist.

He and the rest of the finalists will be heading over to Nairobi, Kenya this October for an all expense paid four-day programme of workshops, networking, media forums, and the Award Ceremony.

The entire CapitalSquare community is rooting for him, and we're proud to be associated with such an achiever.

He has this to say:  “I am happy for the nomination and the empowerment it brings to the power of the written word online to inspire positive change, I am much more excited by a chance to reconnect with Kenya after ten years of absence. I am looking forward to that”.

Follow the award here, and give Kola a shout on Twitter @baroka.