So you want to build a startup.

Other lists will tell you about pitching and setting up a business model and legal stuff but here are a few things nobody really tells you about starting up. 

=Find a Community:  When building a startup, you will need support advice with everyday startup struggles and that's why you should find a community of people that will have your back.

=Know your why: Because that's how you tell a good story. Nobody wants to know what you're offering, they want to know why you are. Give your brand personality and purpose. If your brand is a person, who will he/she be?

=A flexible System: You need to be flexible to stay relevant in business. According to LinkedIn, the most coveted companies are those offering a simple organizational structure and flexible schedules. Avoid having a system that cannot be easily adjusted. 

=A good Creative Team: A good team lasts but a creative team lasts longer. A creative team is a team filled with innovators that are constantly  coming up with ideas to stay ahead and show others the light. It takes a creative team to build liquidity

=Good Packaging: Whether you're selling a product or a service or even yourself, giving special attention to the details of packaging is what keeps you in the game longer than those who don't. Packaging is how you tell your story so make it interesting!

=Tools : I cannot overemphasize the importance of using the right tools to ease up the craziness involved in building a startup.