These 5 habits will boost your productivity AND help you stay healthy

The world recently marked World Diabetes Day, with activities focused on increasing awareness about this killer disease. With speculations that a large number of cases go undiagnosed until its debilitating consequences set in, diabetes has become a global public health concern. This is particularly worrisome, as Diabetes could lead to severe disabilities, including blindness.

Even more worrisome is the fact that modern lifestyle habits such as poor diet, high stress levels and a generally sedentary lifestyle is a major contributing factor to the prevalence of the disease. Pulling long hours at work, sitting at your desk all day and eating too many processed foods, are all typical of the modern day professional.

Ironically, not only does this kind of lifestyle put you at risk for many life-threatening health problems, it affects your productivity in the long term too. 

Below are a few habits that are not only beneficial for your health, but for your productivity at work too:

Regular excercise: the benefits of regular exercise are much more than just looking good. Regular exercise boosts mental alertness, increases stamina and wards off many degenerative diseases. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily, will reduce your diabetes risk by forty percent.

Inactivity, on the other hand, predisposes you to obesity and a host of other health issues. A sedentary lifestyle negatively impacts immunity and energy levels, which means, even more days off work. 

Proper nutrition: As this HBR article proves, the right kind of nutrition is essential for optimal performance at work. Eating right, will give your brain the right kind of fuel you need throughout the day at work.

 on the other hand, a diet consisting primarily of refined carbs and saturated fats means that your energy levels are not sustained throughout the day, making you reach for even more unhealthy snacks. Not only is this bad for your productivity, but this also increases your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, over time.

Take the time to fuel your body with the right kind of food, and your health and work will thank you.

Adequate sleep: while many entrepreneurs pride themselves on being able to function with little sleep, it is too steep a price to pay for success in just one area of your life.

Not only do poor sleep habits diminish your ability to function optimally, it raises your stress levels, sets off poor eating habits and predisposes you to many health issues, including type-2 diabetes. Make getting quality sleep every night, a priority

Stress management:  Stress is not necessarily a bad thing. It is our inbuilt warning system that something is out of balance. At the very least, stress can be a source of motivation.

When stress levels get out of hand, however, heart rates and blood pressure sky-rockets. If this continues on a consistent basis, you risk developing heart disease and diabetes.

Learn to disconnect from work mode, and cultivate other areas of your life that bring you happiness.

Regular health checks: An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure. Annual health checks are an important way to ensure that everything is fine and problems are discovered early.

Blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure are a few indicators for many major health issues including diabetes and should be checked from time to time.


Taking the time to include these habits in your daily routine, will pay off in more ways than one.