Member Spotlight : Sopuluchi Amaechina of Affordable Lekki Homes

Each month, CapitalSquare features one of our members in the member spotlight series.  It serves to highlight  and provide visibility to our members with regards to their career path, contributions and experience with CapitalSquare.  It is also a great way to meet with your colleagues and find members with similar interests

This month's spotlight turns to Sopulu Amaechina of Affordable Lekki homes

Hi Sopulu

Hello Tolani

Can we meet you?

I work with a company called Purple Books, We are also into Affordable Lekki homes, a real estate firm

We basically sell homes on the Island. Homes people could afford their payment plans.

What’s your job role here?

I coordinate the sales, receive calls, go on inspections, draft letters, send mails, practically I just do a chunk of responsibilities for the main time before things expand.  It’s a lot of things but we are not complaining. Lol


Let us into your background?

Growing up was fun, I was born in Lagos and I attended Fountain primary school before we left for Ibadan, which was where I spent more time.  I attended Oritamefa Baptist Model School. I then went to University which was still within the state but in another Town. I attended Ajayi Crowther University, a private university owned by the Anglican Communion in Oyo town. I learnt that no matter how unexposed a place might seem, Education would expose you to a lot of ideas and make the world seem like a small place to you.   I wanted to study Law initially but at that time, the school did not offer the course and I did not want to go too far. Though I got admitted to Madonna University but the distance was a deal breaker. I then opted for Mass communication which was not a bad option . When I started , I did not really know what masscom was about, I used to assume it was just about writing and writing but I eventually got to know it went beyond that. It has a very large scope and I would go back to I if I had the opportunity.  I studied mass communication and I can relate that to real Estate in many ways. In terms of communicating with people, trying to tell them about the houses available for them, trying to subtly convince them to get a particular house, I think communication steps in there. Also, In Mass communication, we get to meet people every day, which is same in Real Estate. You don’t know who might be your next client, it might be someone you never imagined to meet. For me, it is fun. The exposure is something I’m really happy to be doing . You get different ideas and different ways to present things to people . You get them to relate with you and get comfortable around you.

How has the Real Estate business been so far?

Affordable Lekki homes is still relativelynew, we started last year shortly before I came in but I can still call myself a pioneer staff. Our Vision is to help the middle class get something nice and to let them know that Luxury is affordable.  We also help people that have plans to become landlords to cut payments. We allow installmental payments and that is where we come in in a different way. In real estate, most developers and people don’t allow breaking down of payments, you have to pay everything at once so that the profit comes in immediately. We are letting people know that you can also get affordable luxury homes by breaking your payment down . I know this is really going to pave way for us. For now, we handle sales of properties so we look for developers that don’tmind break down of payments.  If a client wants an outright payment however, that’s fine.

How has the Nigerian experience been? How has it been running your business in Nigeria?

It has been very nice, we have not had, and we don’t wish to have a situation whereby we would record losses or have regrets.  The market situation right now in Real estate in Nigeria will definitely boom. The only problem right now is that Clients want properties they can trust, that can be vouched for . We network with developers that have already existing properties that have a trustworthy history. We are trying to build trust because this is very important in business. We deliver because we know Integrity will take us far.  We also run promos from time to time, for instance, Last Christmas, there was a promo that ran where family members who purchased properties could go to Dubai.  We also offer interior design forall our clients. We are in partnership with an interior Décor company called Décor and Rainbow who do this for our clients, we all know the interior of a house is very important.

Do you plan to expand? i.e outside Lagos and Nigeria?

The bigger picture is to develop our own homes, building our clients’ tastes.  We have things like automated homes. From there, we hopefully plan to outside Lagos and Nigeria but the name would remain Affordable Lekki homes because that’s where we started from. We can work in collaboration with other real estate companies in foreign countries, also to help foreigners who would want to own homes in Nigeria.  We could have office abroad or have agents that could attend to their home needs. 

How has your Capitalsquare experience been?

Working from here has been very nice, you don’t feel like you are at work when you are here. You feel like you are with your friends, different people with different jobs. You can speak to people, tell them what you need for a particular project you are working on, people help one another because everyone has different fields. This is something you might not get in a standard office where you have everyone doing the same thing you do.

What’s your favourite part of Capitalsquare?

I have a lot. For me, I am not the quiet type, I make noise. (chuckles) . I laugh a lot, you just sit and someone says something funny, every one starts laughing. It is awesome . When I’m coming to work, I’m excited because I know someone might pull a stunt on me or something like that.  That is something you would always look forward to. We laugh, joke and work . It’s not just work work  work, something always comes up to lighten the atmosphere.

Okay, finally back to your work, How does an ordinary citizen be a part of Affordable Lekki homes.

Here at Affordable Lekki homes, we have an open door policy. We are open to people introducing clients to us and they in turn get rewarded for it. They are entitled to their own commission because without them , the client would probably not know Affordable Lekki homes. We try as much as possible to keep the promise we make about the percentages we promise. If you have a friend that wants to buy a house, introduce him or her to us and we will keep you posted so you would know when the deal is sealed.  We even plan to get more agents that can bring clients and they get a percentage of the deal.

Thank you Sopulu, it’s been nice talking with you

You are welcome Tolani, my pleasure.


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