CapitalSquare holds Demo day7!

On Thursday, 3rd March, 2016, the seventh edition of Demoday was held at CapitalSquare Lagos and as is the tradition, there were three Presenters who talked about their amazing innovations and shared ideas with members of the audience.  There was something extra this time; There were vendors around who provided snacks and drinks for sampling! Yes, It was a totally educative and interactive experience. 

The first presentation was by Jekalo. com, an online application that makes commuting easier by providing rides for people in Lagos state.   The founder, Bolarinwa Motoni talked about how the whole idea came about and what it entails to be a part of it.  He talked about how large the market is and that they are only focusing on Working class professionals for now.  This however, might be extended in the nearest future.  He further said that they are streaming their userbase  and looking only for people who are verifiable. The reason for this being for security issues and to increase the trust level of the platform's users. . Jekalo app can be gotten on Playstore for Android users and it's also a web application. 

This presentation was followed by a short speech by Lilian , CapitalSquare's Center manager. She talked about the services offered by CapitalSquare and how affordable these services are for startups and everyone who needs a place to work. 

Takejara was the next presentation.  Jara is an application where you can purchase different items and get more value for them. This is achieved by earning points which result to values as you purchase.  Jara is in partnership with different companies like Puma, Dominos , Printivo,  Hellofoods, Uber, e.t.c  and they  plan to add more as time goes.  The coolest part of the application is that some percentage of the profit is given to charity. Yes, You buy something and while earning points, your purchase results into  giving to charity.  Jara is an android application for now and when asked why this is so,  the response was that in Nigeria, Majority of the  smartphone users are Android users.  There is a virtual community already called Jara nation and everyone is welcome to join. 

One of CapitalSquare's partners, In3k8Media, represented by Kanyin Fawole, also had a short presentation. Kanyin talked about the company being a digital agency and the numerous services they offer at very affordable rates.  She made inferences of campaighs they have done in the past and the successes recorded. 

There was a short break where people went to sample doughnuts provided by 'Doughnuts by Iwa'  and a there was a bit of mingling before they all gathered for the last presentation. 

The last presentation was WaraCakes and It was done by the founder, Tunde Ayilara.  According to him, Waracakes is an amazon for cake makers in Nigeria and it is a platform for bakers to sell their products and for consumers to get cakes at cheaper prices than they would get directly from the merchant. He talked about how the designs come in varieties and how they are not stereotyped. 

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That's all guys. The next demo day comes up in June. you can  register your product or services for presentation here

Photography by Frederick Archibong photography : @fredie_p