Member Spotlight : Lilian Onuoha of CapitalSquare Lagos

Monthly,  CapitalSquare features one of our members in the member spotlight series.  Its aim is  to highlight  and provide visibility to our members with regards to their career path, contributions and experience with CapitalSquare.  It is also a great way to meet with your colleagues and find members with similar interests

This April, the spotlight turns to Lilian Onuoha, center Manager at CapitalSquare. 



OCCUPATION: Center Manager at CapitalSquare Lagos

Working from CapitalSquare since 2013

Read the interview below

Can we meet you ?

My name is Onuoha Lilian. I am the Centre Manager at Capitalsquare. I manage things and I make sure everything works. I like getting things done and I don’t like haphazard things. I am easy going, I hate lies and I hate fake people.

Can we have an insight into your Educational background?

I attended Nigerian Navy nursery and Primary school, Secondary school was Mason college in Festac town. I went on to study Microbiology at Imo state University where I graduated in 2007. I also did a couple professional courses.

Is there any correlation in what you studied and what you are doing right now?

Lol. I get that a lot. Well, I wanted to be a Doctor initially but you know how this school thing works, It ddn't come through and after wasting some time trying to get that course that I wanted, I decided to go for Microbiology. I wanted to practise this after school but it wasn’t’ forthcoming at that point . I looked around different things and this job just was similar to what I’ve always wanted. I like to see things work, I like to interact with people , the whole customer service thing, so when this opportunity came, I felt since it’s centered around interacting with people and making them happy, I took it.

How has the experience been seeing as you weren’t initially well equipped for the role?

The CapitalSquare Ladies!

The CapitalSquare Ladies!

It came easy because I am very patient , so It wasn’t difficult to manage people. Yes, I had a whole lot of people with different characters but it was not difficult because I am someone that listens to people and to know that at some point, people can get angry . My personality was such a huge help for me , so it was not difficult.

Can you let us into what CapitalSquare is all about?

Capitalsquare is a place for those that want to get work done without having to spend large amount of Money on renting a place, not just a space, an awesome place. If you are interested in working and growing with people, you are interested in not doing things the Normal way, getting something of good value. Because at the end of the day, you aren’t paying for just the space, You are also paying for a whole lot more. You get to share ideas with people and secure connections.

So why Nigeria?

Nigeria is a growing market and for Capitalsquare, this whole idea is already in place abroad but in Nigeria, it’s still relatively new. People are just realizing that they can get a lot for less and it’s a culture they are trying to imbibe. Nigeria is hence, the best market for it. For me also, Nigeria is home and It’s a place where I would like to raise my family. Even if things are not working, Nigeria is a place that is a work in Progress and we will get there. Our culture and all cannot be compared to anyplace else.  Making money abroad is a cycle, you get to spend everything on bills. I would want to travel and spend some time there but I still want to settle in Nigeria


Okay Lilian. May I ask  How  your CapitalSquare Experience  has been?

It has been awesome. We started as three people and now we are more.  CapitalSquare is one place that gives you that feel of being in a regular house , if I would say, because you are always looking forward to coming to work. It is not that regular workplace that you do everything in a straight way.  I would always choose it anytime.

Lilian strikes a pose with her people, Mykustoma Guys.

Lilian strikes a pose with her people, Mykustoma Guys.


Wow, so what is your favorite part of Capitalsquare?

The kitchennete. (Chuckles).  When you get into the kitchen, you just feel the sense of happiness. When you are in there, you aren’t thinking about work, You aren’t thinking about anything else. You just know you can interact with people , there is coffee available, there is tea. It’s that warm spot and the furniture there is beautiful. It’s very cool

You did not mention the food tho?

(Laughs out loud).  Oh yes, and that! Everyone eats different things and it adds to the Ambience.

So how can every other person get to be a part of CapitalSquare?

One, You have to be doing something genuine to use this space. We do our KYC well so you have to be involved in something legal. Depending on your need, we have different packages, do you want somewhere to just work occasionally or you want somewhere you can come all the time?  We have daily passes that you can buy and these expire in three months i.e , you don't have to use them consecutively. This totally works for people who don't want to come in all the time. We have virtual plans that give you use of our Address with some hours of the meeting room every month as well as Mail handling, we have meeting rooms of different capacity for Members and Non members to have their Business events, Training and Workshops.  Just send a mail to or come in during our working hours, We will be happy to take you on  a tour.

Thank you so much Lilian, It's been so interesting talking with you

It's my pleasure and you are welcome anytime.