Apply for Hello Tomorrow Challenge

The Challenge aims at Propelling science startups onto the world stage
The Challenge has grown, and  startups can now choose from 10 industrial tracks to submit their application.

Who can apply? 
Early-stage startups or non-incorporated projects that are transforming an innovative technology into a viable product, service or platform and that hasn't raised more than €400K in equity funding. Projects must have a scientific validation of their claim and clear development objectives.

What do startups get?

  • Equity free funding: 100,000 euros for the grand prize winner and 15,000 euros for each track finalist
  • Visibility: maximize exposure through international media coverage and be part of our global ranking of early-stage science startups (Top 100 per continent)
  • Connections: top-ranked startups get 2 tickets to our invite-only Summit in Paris to meet over 2,000 peers, investors, executives and journalists

To Apply or nominate a Startup, Click Here

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