Member Spotlight : Olaleye Osunsanya of Avila Consult

Every month,We talk to a co worker who has been at Capitalsquare for a while and he takes us through what he does, how he and his team are providing solutions and how Working from Capitalsquare is helping them to achieve this.

This month's spotlight turns to Olaleye Olumide Osunsanya, Project Manager at Avila Consult.

NAME: Olaleye Olumide Osunsanya

OCCUPATION: Project Manager, Avila Consult.

Working from CapitalSquare since November 2015



Can you introduce yourself please ?

My name is Osunsanya Olumide Olaleye. I'm a Project Manager for Avila consult and also a software developer. I like to write codes and Java has always been my best programming Language.  Although at the moment , I'm coding with PhP and I like to come up with new ideas.

Can we know more about you ?

My primary school was at Nigerian Premier college in Mushin and I have about three degrees. First one is a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and I got that degree from Federal university of Technology Minna. I have another diploma in software engineering from Aptech worldwide. I have a Bachelor in Science in IT and BIS from Middlesex University in London.

So you've always been a software and Tech person?

I use my mechanical engineering skills to provide solutions. Currently what I'm doing is I create bespoke applications for the oil and gas sector so because of my background in Mechanical Engineering , I understand the structure of the oil and gas industry and I apply that to a software called Projectwise and I use it to build an environment for the oil and gas sector so that they can use it to manage their daily engineering process and my degree as a software engineer helps me to be able to configure the software both at the back end and at the front end.

So you work for Avila consult?

Yes I do

What does Avila do?

Avila is an information technology company that manages projects for the oil and gas sector. although at ht moment we are looking at engineering and Construction firms. we are trying to assist them to manage their information properly. so asides from managing information, we also manage assets.  For example , we could manage FSOs and PSOs. we have a software called Assetwise where all the information of your asset can sit on and you can have access to your information anywhere you are at any point.

So what's your client base like?

We have worked with NNPC Abuja, we had a start pro training with them and so far, that's the major big client that we've had ever since I joined Avila. I've spent just a year with them , so I really can't say much about Past clients. At the moment , we are looking at having NNPC, most especially Warri Refinery. We are currently trying to pitch Project wise to them and see how we can use our solution to solve their problems because right now, most of the refineries are not properly maintained because of lack of proper documentation. We are currently pitching the software to them .We've created an environment that would help them to manage their current assets and other clients we are looking at are Chevron and other construction firms.

Do you consult?

I have my own stuff. If you google Radify, it's mostly mine. I have a plugin that connects to Wordpress and creates a contact form for you without writing a single code. It's completely configured, it comes with Captcha ,  it comes with SNTP Configuration and in the next two to three months, it will come with its own Database.  I have some clients that I work with , one of my best clients is PEDABO, I maintain their website and their website is beyond a website at the moment because I created little applications that run behind the scenes to manage career and to manage their employees.  At the moment, I'm planning to start my own training school and we'll soon be launching a framework to assist developers to create websites in less than two to three hours as long as the design is ready. It's coming out soon and it's going to have a unique name . I don't know if I should talk about it now (chuckles). It's still in the works and the reason it's not out yet is that I'm trying to get my lawyer to set some things up.

Does your personal business clash with that of Avila?

Basically, I've been in situations where there are clashes but I face Avila first because that's where I mainly make a living from. I make money from mine too but I have signed a contract with Avila and I have to live up to that.  what I do is, after my 8-5 with Avila, I work from 7-10 for myself and I spend most of my weekends , when I'm not out playing with friends working on my own business. That's how I maintain the balance.

So you have been at CapitalSquare for how long?

I've been here since November. about seven to eight months now.

Wow, so how has the experience been?

I love my experience with CaptalSquare so far. The only regret I have is that I should have thought about setting up my business since November with CapitalSquare.  Now, it feels like I'm starting too late

No, it's never too late.

I love the package that comes with it and I regret not starting earlier. I've tried starting up my company about three times that it has failed. simply because of getting a good work space that is affordable and Capitalsquare has helped me to bridge that gap because of the packages that are available so I regret I didn't think about it early enough, If i had, my business would have kicked off . Hopefully, before next month end, I'll kick off with Capitalsquare.

What's your Favorite part of CapitalSquare?

The lovely environment and lovely people, that's it for me.

What's your Advice to upcoming Entrepreneurs?

My advice to them is simply three words:"Delight your Customer".

Okay thank you. How can people contact you?

My contacts are :

Email :

Website :          www.

Twitter : raidify_dev

Instagram : o_osuns