10 Businesses You Can Run From Anywhere

With the unemployment rate climbing at an astronomical rate, it’s easy to get discouraged about getting a job in a country like ours. It’s no surprise that many people are taking the plunge and starting their own businesses. However, for people who do not have a lot of capital or external funding, starting a business may seem like a dream. Have no fear! Here are 10 scalable businesses you can run from anywhere: at home in your PJs or at any of the CapitalSquare locations.

businesses you can run from anywhere

Manufacturing: indigenous businesses are on the rise today and it’s amazing to watch. If there’s anything the ‘Buy Nigerian to grow the Naira’ trend has proven, it’s that there’s a market for truly Nigerian products. A few things you can manufacture: organic skin care products,hair products, snacks. Did someone say whipped shea butter?

Web designing: the beauty of web designing is anyone with access to the internet can learn to code. Even if you do not intend to do this fulltime, web designing is a useful skill. These free courses on Team Treehouse and Code Academy are a great place to start. 

Writing: the opportunities in this industry are enormous. Services you could offer include: copywriting and editing, ghost writing, proofreading, coaching for would-be writers, webpage and social media content providing. To build your credibility, it might be helpful to create a website or blog that showcases your services. A witty brand name and logo is also a good way to go. You can start on your own and build a brand for yourself or join Nigerian content mills like Skrife. (Blogger Bamidele Onibalusi shares info on blogs and startups that pay writers well). 

Social media consulting: many businesses today now realise that social media marketing is cheaper (and sometimes more effective) than traditional media marketing. However, not as many know the first thing about running social media. With the right skills, you can position yourself as an authority in this field. Understanding the landscape is important, having figures to show your clients is even more so.

Accounting: no jokes. Services like Accounting Hub are disrupting the way accounting is done in Nigeria. If you are a trained accountant, you can easily offer your services virtually to businesses and individuals that cannot (or would rather not) afford an in-house accountant.

Virtual Assisting: a virtual assistant is every busy person’s dream. The market for admin support is largely untapped in Nigeria. Virtual Assistants are cheaper solutions than an in-house Personal Assistant or Secretary. But first things first, learn the skills of the trade

Graphic design: Thankfully, graphic design requires more creativity than it does experience. Create a portfolio of your best designs and let your works speak for you. 

Stock photography: services like Death to Stock and StockSnap.io are invaluable for content creators today. These services provide quality uncopyrighted stock photo which you can buy for next to nothing or you can get for free. If you have a DSLR, with practise you can learn to be a photographer and sell your photos online. 

Blogging: can't knock blogging out of this list as it is still a great way to make money online. Find your niche, hone your skill and get to blogging. 

Online tutor: if you're great at teaching something you're good at, online tutoring is the way to go. Decide what you're going to teach, figure out what you want your schedule to be then reach out to Toscany Academy or Tutor

With all of these businesses, it’s important to study your target market, competition (if any), and to develop a buyer persona to represent the kind of people you want to work for. You’d be doing a great disservice to yourself, for example, if there’s a market around you for homemade whipped shea butter and you’re selling lemonade. 

Know any other business you can start right where you are? Share with us in the comments!