The Nomad Capitalist thinks we are cool, the coolest in Lagos actually!

Hi everyone, Look what we saw !

It brings so much delight to us when we see that what we do is not only recognized in Nigeria, It is admired internationally too.

 The Nomad, an online Network  founded by  Andrew Henderson to help people to increase their personal freedom and to help them to improve their financial situations and further diversify their lives has ranked CapitalSquare the number 1 Co-working space in Lagos,  Nigeria!  Isn't that awesome? They had this to say: 

"Lagos, Nigeria

One of the biggest perceived challenges of nomad life is the language barrier. Most English-speaking countries are expensive to live in and highly taxed if you spend too much time there. I believe that frontier countries like Nigeria will see an increasing flow of nomads looking for a familiar language without the nonsense as time goes on.

Lagos has a ton of co-working spaces and incubators to choose from, with some specializing in fin-tech or NGO work and others being open to all. Our favorite is Capital Square, which has a modern approach and is easy to work with. While they are locating a bit outside of the city center, their entire vibe is just cool.

A monthly membership costs about $125 each month, with the ability to pay a little extra for a permanent desk or a locker. Internet speeds are fast by local standards, even as Nigeria has some of the fastest internet in Africa.

Best co-working space: The Capital Square, The Garnet, Lekki Epe Express Road, Lekki"


You canfind the full article here