Member Spotlight : Desola Akinwumiju of CapitalSquare Lagos

This Month, Our Spotlight turns to Desola, the Community manager at CapitalSquare Lagos. We caught up with her and had an interview where she talked to us about working at Capitalsquare, being a lawyer and managing people generally. Excerpts below:

Hi Desola,


Can we Meet you please ?

My name is Olutola Desola Akinwumiju

What do you do?

I'm the Community Manager at Capitalsquare, Lagos

Can we know more about you?

Olutola is a lawyer, outside capitalsquare and even inside capitalSquare. I'm an easy going lady. My primary and secondary school were in Ibadan, Oyo state.  I went to UI staff school and my secondary school was at Oritamefa Baptist Model school. I then went to study Law at Obafemi awolowo university (OAU), Ile Ife.  I came to Lagos Law school, and I served in Lagos.

Wow, You seem to have spent a long time inLagos

Yes, I've been in Lagos since then.  I've always wanted to be in Lagos.

Oh , so that means you are living your dream.

Well, in a way. I can say I am but I am not there yet.

Did you always want to study Law?

I've always wanted to study Law. There was even a time that I had to choose between going for English and waiting home before I got Law. i opted for staying at home because I really wanted to study Law. I've always had a passion for it. I hate people being cheated and I hate being cheated too. So, I see my course as a means of giving back to the society.

Back to what you do at Capitalsquare, you said earlier that you are the community Manager here, what does that entail?

As a Community Manager, Basically, my job is to make people happy. I have to make sure everything is in place, people are fine, people get what they need, I try to make sure that the environment is friendly and conducive for everyone


Is there a meeting point between what you do now and your course of study?

Yes, they are not totally divorced from each other. Although, when people hear you are a lawyer, they believe you should be in the court room saying my lord and all that but that's not what Law is all about. I come to CapitalSquare everyday, meet different people, there are some people I get to know beyond Capitalsquare, what's happening to them and all that.  I see different personalities everyday. Even as a lawyer, when you meet your clients, you meet this and that person, you meet the emotional ones, you meet the ones that would lie to you even when you tell them to tell you the whole truth.  Basically, I get to meet many people and I learn to take people for who they are and like them regardless of who they are.

What exactly does Capitalsquare do to contribute to the society?

Capitalsquare has been able to provide a lot of support to startups. People think up Ideas andthey want to proffer solutions to problems but there is no office or location for them to do that without they spending a huge amount of money, so they keep procrastinating. Capitalsquare has been able to provide this space for them at very affordable rates, they can meet people doing different and same stuff and collaborate.

Asides working for Capitalsquare, do you have your own thing you do by the side, I mean, are you also an Entrepreneur?

I have some things that I do because I've always been a business oriented person and I love to sell. I provide services outside CapitalSquare with what I studied. I have projects I'm working on.

So why Nigeria?

Well, I've always told people close to me that I don't think I can survive outside Nigeria. I'm not the type to say I'll settle abroad because I really would prefer staying here. Nigeria is filled with many opportunities , you can just wake up today and find out that someone you took a bus with last week is already making so much money.  All you have to do is, have a brilliant idea,  work towards it , be focused and persistent and before you know it, your name is everywhere, you are making money and people are talking about you. There is no racism or discrimination around, all you have to do is have the drive!

You plan to be here for a long time right?

Yes, for a long time. I'm not saying I won't travel for vacation and all that (chuckles) but then this is my home.

What is that thing or those things that draw you to CapitalSquare?

THE AMAZING PEOPLE HERE ! There are so many wonderful people here that, CapitalSquare is more than a work space to me, It is more than where I get paid. It is more like a family home to me. I feel like I come here to spend time with people I truly care about .

Do you have a favorite spot here?

Yes! The kitchenette

Oh wow, everyone loves the Kitchenette. Is there a reason for that?

When I'm in the kitchen, I talk to people, it's a nice place to network, share ideas and all that.

Do you have any thing you'd like to tell people out there who might want to join CapitalSquare?

Capitalsquare is an awesome place, I would advise anybody that is thinking of starting his own business to join a place like this because it won't only help to provide a space, it will also help in making the business grow faster because you get to meet people and do business with them, you network!

Thanks so much for the time Desola. t's been reallynice talking to you

Anytime, you are always welcome


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