How to Start an Event Planning Business in Nigeria

Event planning is in and for good reason too. There's an event happening every week and it's someone's job to plan it, hence event planners and managers are almost always guaranteed of constant business.  If you have a computer, phone, access to the internet and a great space to work out of, you can start your own business. Here are 3 basic steps to building your event planning empire:

event planning business in nigeria

Expand your knowledge base:  You need to know everything you possibly can about the industry. As a newbie, the best way to "fake" experience is to study and learn from people who have gone ahead of you. Know your target market, their favorite vendors, their pets' names and their pets' favorite vendors too. Innovation and dependability is what separates the best from the rest in this business. 

Legalise it: When you're ready to start, and have found a name for your brainchild, register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission. 

Build your network:  You've probably heard it said a million times that your network is your network. It truly is. Until you've made a name for yourself, referrals from people you have worked with are what will help you build your clientbase. Start with your family, friends, people in your social media network.  

Set up shop: As much as possible, lean startup everything. The temptation may be strong to take a massive loan but you don't have to. It is essential to start with as little debt as possible and don’t let yourself be sucked into expensive campaigns. Customers usually trust businesses with physical locations they can track (who isn’t scared of scammers in Nigeria?). However, costs of renting office spaces are sky-high. In comes reasonable mid-points such as using coworking spaces. They afford you the luxury of having a business address without breaking the bank. Additional advantages include provision of common materials you need such as printers, faxes and Internet service. All these serve to reduce your overhead costs which is essential for startups.

If you live around Lekki, we'd love to have you at CapitalSquare. If you live in Ikoyi and its environs our studio is opening soon - you can sign up here 

Happy new week!