How to Start a Fashion Design Business in Nigeria

Every other weekend in Nigeria, there is a party and when Nigerians party, everything from makeup to outfit must slay! The fashion industry in Nigeria is getting bigger and if there was ever a good time to cash in it’s now.
Fashion designers create designs from corporate wears, to party outfits, to bespoke outfits for celebrities. Therefore, you have to be fashionable yourself and creative to appeal to your target clients.
Ready to build your fashion design empire?


Learn the art
Do your research, check out reputable fashion institutes that are affordable and teach courses in the exact field you want to go into.  We did a little work for you and found a couple of fashion institutes that we recommend you check out:

Zaris Fashion and Style Academy which offers introductory and advanced courses in Fashion Design as well as a couple of short courses in Business Communication, Core Fashion Design, e.t.c.

Ginani Fashion School which specializes in fashion training, garment patterns, pattern making and sewing books.

OSC School of Fashion which offers 1, 3, 6 and 9 months of intensive classes in pattern drafting, sewing skills, shirt making, wedding dress making, fabric beading, embellishments and other things.

Get Your Capital
A fashion business can start really small and you might not need so much money at first, but you still need a little fund to purchase the equipment and tools you need for your work. Your savings and contributions from family and friends are a good place to start. However, if you’re looking to start off the business on a much bigger scale, you can draw up a business plan and look up Microfinance banks around you.

Location, location, location
A fashion business can be small enough to start in your home, but as the business grows, you will need more space and extra room for such things as a changing room, leg space and even bigger sewing machines that you most likely would need to get. When selecting your location, you can start with a 2 – room space or get a large space and partition it according to the number of rooms you desire for different purposes.

Once your capital and location are available, purchase your first sewing machine and tools such as measuring tapes, scissors, needles, chairs, tables e.t.c. As the business grows, you can add on other types of machines such as the embroidery and weaving machines. Top on our recommendation list is Balogun Market on Lagos Island. You can also check out Mushin market and Tejuosho market.

Now that you have all of these, you are ready to help people spike up their Slay-O-Meter!