Choosing Your Workspace as a Freelancer

One of the best things about being a freelancer is the opportunity to determine where and how you work. You choose your work hours and best of all, you choose your workspace!

As a freelancer, where you choose as your workspace is one of the most important decisions you have to make as your success depends largely on your ability to effectively complete each tasks you set out to do in good time, devoid of distractions and disturbances.

Many freelancers work from home, however, this has proven to be a lot trickier (especially if you do not live alone), the possibility that you’ll procrastinate a lot and be distracted half the time is very high seeing as it's almost impossible to control the actions of others living with you or around you. Let's not forget the distraction that is your television or super comfy bed. Something as small as a look out of the window, noise from the television set or the smell of something burning in the kitchen could easily disturb a train of thought and leave you frustrated.

Even if you do choose to work from home, you need to separate your workspace from the rest of your house. It helps to consider the following, when choosing or creating your workspace:

Comfort & Convenience: Working for hours in a cramped or uncomfortable place will have an adverse effect on the quality of your work. so you must know that your comfort in your workspace is of utmost importance and it goes a long way in boosting your motivation. It's also a great idea to keep everything you need for work within reach to keep distractions to bare minimum.

Privacy: It is necessary to choose a space where you don’t have to worry about someone looking into what you’re doing from behind or listening in what is supposed to be a confidential conversation with your client. When you have cause to worry about invasion of your privacy, it breaks your concentration and reduces your productivity.

Equipment & Setup: When setting up your workspace, be sure to get all necessary equipment suited for and specific to your work. Get a functional desk and chair that ensures your comfort and it also helps to surround your workspace with pieces of art or quotes that can inspire you.

Coworking Spaces: Coworking spaces are a brilliant idea as they take off the burden of providing basic needs such as power supply, internet and printing off you. You also get to enjoy benefits such as free or discounted workshops for small business owners and an opportunity to network with other business owners. We've got 10 other valid reasons you should consider coworking as a freelancer. But if you're already sold, come work with us! Email to get started.