Why Your Business Needs Social Media

Over 97 million Nigerians have access to the internet. What percentage of those people know about your business? Social media is a customer acquisition channel you can't afford to overlook for your business. Here are a few reasons why:

Real-time communication

Having your business on social media allows you to interact with your existing and potential customers in real-time They do not have to wait for their mails to be read and replied, neither do they have to get on a phone call before they can get answers to basic enquiries. You get to know what your customers need and get instant feedback on offers and pricing to them. Interacting with people about your brand on social media allows for a casual and conversational tone which also helps in giving them a personal feel to your brand.


Putting your business on social media enhances your search ranking. The more social shares you get, the higher your ranking. Also, your clients are probably searching for the solutions your business provides on their social media. A simple keyword search can lead potential customers to you. 

Feedback and customer insight

Having built a relationship with your customers online, you can quickly and easily get feedback on your products or services. Armed with all the data/information, you can now make informed business decisions: giving your customers what they need and not what you think they need. 

Social media done right has the capability to accelerate business growth. What really are you doing if you aren’t getting on?