10 Reasons You Should be Talking About Coworking

Working from home, literally, can feel like the Nigerian dream but what happens after the first few weeks and months? The lack of community starts to affect the quality of your work. Alone, between the temptation of your bed, your TV, your fridge, motivation to put in work declines.

remote working

Here are 10 reasons you should consider remote working:

Lower stress levels

Without your boss or colleagues physically breathing down your neck to get stuff done, it only makes sense your stress levels are down significantly. Stats about remote work show that 82% of telecommuters reported lower stress levels.

More connections

Working out of the same space with several people with different businesses opens you up to numerous possibilities. You could meet people to partner with on projects, potential clients, advisers, investors, name it.

Coworking spaces are nicer than offices

This is almost always true. Unless, of course, you work at Anakle. 

Higher productivity

Nice looking space? Check. Loads of potential clients and collaborators? Check. Lower stress levels? Check. Higher productivity? Check, check, check.

You'll be happier

You'll be happy, oh so happy.

You'll save money

When remote working, you only pay for what you use. Rent is also relatively cheaper than paying for an entire office. You can, in turn, put your money back into your business.

Your schedule is your own

You no longer have to stare at the clock, waiting for 5pm. Chances are you'll enjoy working remotely so much you lose track of time.

Have meaningful meetings

Because your schedule is yours to manipulate, you don't have to sit through company-wide, boring meetings. 


Now that work is stripped to the bare necessities, you can focus on the things that matter most: growing your business (or doing your best work if you work for someone else), living a healthier and fuller life. 

Free coffee

If you choose to work out of CapitalSquare, that is.