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The 24/7 Hustle & Grind Mindset Is Messed Up. Here's A Better Way

It's okay to take a break from work every now and then...

For many entrepreneurs, it has become somewhat of a badge of honour to never slow down or make time for self-care. If you spend enough time on Instagram, especially those pages dedicated to motivational quotes, you must have come across quotes like ‘grind while they sleep’ and ‘hustle seven days a week’.

But is endless hustling and grinding really the key to success?

While it takes persistence and dedication to succeed as an entrepreneur or in anything worthwhile, Persistence is not the same thing as never taking a break or making time for anything else outside of work.

No one has a limitless supply of energy and you can only keep going for so long before burnout becomes inevitable. A balanced approach to work is not only essential to your health and wellbeing, it also makes it possible for you to perform optimally at work.

Wise words from Luvvie!

So, how’s a busy entrepreneur to crush their goals and grow their business without ruining their health in the process? Read on.


Put yourself on your to-do list.

Make it a priority to schedule times for rest and self-care. As you make your daily to-do list, be sure to schedule time for exercise, your social life and relationships, salon visits and doctor’s appointments, etc. Taking time off just to catch your breath and rest is also always a good idea. Not only is self-care essential to your health and well-being, your business suffers when you’re tired and not at your best as a result. Be sure to keep those appointments though. When work pressures mount, we often let self-care slide. It is important to consider your well-being a priority and treat it as such.


Have an actual schedule and stick to it.

Plan your day and decide what gets your attention and time each day, beforehand. This helps you to avoid wasting time on unimportant tasks and helps guarantee that you’ll have a productive day.

Make a plan for the important things. Self-care inclusive.

 Focus, Focus, Focus.

Give each task 100% attention. Not only do distractions like your phone waste valuable time, your brain has a hard time getting back to the task at hand after each interruption. Guard your time and energy like the limited resources that they are. It is also helpful to work in small blocks of time. Working on a particular task for 2-3 hours, and then taking a break is a good rule of thumb.


Don’t try to do too much at once.

You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment if you try to schedule too much each day. Productivity experts recommend scheduling not more than three important tasks each day. Be honest with yourself and do not try to do more than you’re capable of without the quality of your output suffering.


Give your attention to one thing at a time. Focus on too much at a time, your work'll become less than stellar

Outsource/ take advantage of technology.

As an entrepreneur you must watch where every kobo goes. However, think of the time you’ll gain and benefits you’ll reap when you outsource or use technology to take care of certain tasks.  A virtual assistant to take care of admin work, bookkeeping software that automates invoicing, a grocery delivery service that saves you the hassle. You get the drift.  Time is value and anything that saves you time is always a worthwhile investment.

The occasional drinks with friends never hurt anyone either. Drink responsibly sha oh!


Schedule important tasks around your peak energy periods.

We all have that time of the day when our energy levels are at its peak. Identify yours and schedule the important things that require lots of mental energy around that time. Doing this ensures that you accomplish something important each day, and that in turn fuels your motivation for the next day.


Take regular breaks throughout the day.

Even your devices go off when their batteries are depleted. What makes you think you can go all day without the occasional recharge? Get up from your seat and take a 5-minute walk. And call the boo/mom/dad/bestie while you’re at it. If you’re a religious person, you could also spend some of that time doing things that nurture your faith.


And don't skimp on eating right. None of that quick meals at your desk behavior. Your work & health will thank you!

A good night’s sleep and proper nutrition cannot be optional.

If you’ve been falling ill and feeling lethargic, you might want to review your sleeping and eating habits. Immunity and wellbeing suffers when you’re not taking proper care of yourself. And when your health isn’t 100%, guess what will suffer too? That’s right, your business and pretty much everything that matters to you. Oh, and here’s proof that poor sleeping habits increase your risk for cancer, Alzheimer’s &  heart attack just incase you need more convincing.


Taking care of yourself isn’t slacking or a sign that you’re not dedicated to your hustle. If anything, it ensures that you can perform at a hundred percent every time.

Have any tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and taking care of yourself? Please share in the comments!