Member Spotlight: Damilare Adewunmi of Ola Leslie Solicitors

isn't she gorgeous?!

isn't she gorgeous?!

Our Last member spotlight for 2017! Whoop!!

Each month, we sit down with a member of our community to talk about their work, their experience working out of CapitalSquare, and to just generally let the world know how awesome they are.!

This month, our spotlight is on Damilare Adewunmi, lawyer and solicitor at Ola Leslie Solicitors, a UK based law firm.

Who: Damilare Adewunmi

What she does: she's a lawyer

Working from CapitalSquare since: March 2017

Hi, Dami! Please tell us a bit about yourself

Hiiii! My name is Damilare Adewunmi, I’m a lawyer . I studied at the University of Lagos. I’m calm, easy going, friendly and a little bit introverted.

Did you always want to be a lawyer? What influenced your choice

This question lol. I’d say yes and no.

Growing up as the ‘almost last child’ I hated to be cheated, always fought for myself and hated seeing people being trampled upon or being taken advantage of because of their status or some other form of prejudice; so I thought I would be a lawyer and fight for people! Lol.

Also my favourite uncle is a lawyer and I have always admired him. On the flip side, I wasn’t in the sciences for too long, didn’t like it much and so what else would I become if not a lawyer??

What is it like working for Ola Leslie solicitors, what kind of clients do you serve?

Working with Ola Leslie is great. Our clients are mostly based in the UK (we're expanding to Nigeria soon, though), so it's been an interesting experience for me. It's a different path, but the exposure is good and I love trying my hands on new things.

What are your three big goals for 2018?

- personal & career growth

- I want to nurture my faith and spirituality

- I want to develop an awareness of the ways I can serve others.

If you were president for a day, what would be the first thing you do?

Uh, I've never give this much thought, but It'd definitely be something to improve life for the destitute

Tell us one fun fact about you 😊 

I’m a ex beauty queen and I used to model...tell no one lol.

What do you like about CapitalSquare?

It’s comfy, close to home, and the staff are quite warm and welcoming.

What’s your favorite way to unwind?

Sleep! Lol.. or just hang out with friends either on the beach or at home with good food and drinks and good conversation.

Thank you so much for you time, Dami! 

You're welcome