5 Reasons Why CapitalSquare Rocks!

This post is a bit of a humblebrag. Working at CapitalSquare is one of the best decisions you'll ever make for your business. We could list a hundred reasons why, but we’ll stick with five.

We’re affordable. As a startup or independent professional, you need a great space that's inspiring to work in. The cost of hiring and setting your own space costs a pretty penny, though. Working from home is an alternative, but we know how reliable power and internet can be in these parts. Not to mention the distractions of the fridge and your bed. You could also choose to work from a restaurant that has Wi-Fi, but that’s usually on the condition that you buy a meal. Plus, after a few hours, the staff start giving you the ‘eye’. Compare that to working at our space for a full day for less than the cost of a pizza. Bonus points to us for the great ambience and cool people too!

We save you a lot of hassle. Stressing over things that are not related to your work is an annoying waste of time. Why worry about diesel suppliers, taking out the trash or fixing the printer when you can leave that to us? Working at CapitalSquare means you only have to focus on your work. We're not just a pretty workspace with good Wi-Fi though. We work hard to make your life easy. Space to meet with a client? Planning a seminar? Need to print or scan? Storage space? Need coffee, tea or even the morning paper? We’ve got you!!

3-man office.JPG

We help your business look professional at a fraction of the cost. Consider the cost of renting an office in a prime location. Add the cost furnishing it and buying equipment. Throw in electricity, internet and maintenance costs. Now compare all that to what our membership plans cost. Unbelievable bargain right? On top of that, you get to use our business address. We even provide signage for your company, alongside other perks and discounts.

We’re flexible. From day passes for occasional use to monthly subscriptions, we've got something for everyone. We've also got private office spaces for individuals and teams too. On top of that, payment is flexible. You don’t have to cough up a year’s rent upfront (although we’ll give you a good discount if you do!).

We care about your success: We really do! That’s why we ensure that our workspaces are beautifully designed to inspire you to do your best work. You also get to take advantage of opportunities for collaboration, skill swaps, growing your expertise and network. We have partnerships that can provide you with legal, accounting, tax and business advisory services at great rates. On top of that, we love to create opportunities for learning and growth via networking events, business clinics, and our breakfast club among others.

There you have it. Don’t take our word for it, though. Book a tour of either our Lekki or Ikoyi spaces, or come try out our space on the third Friday of the month, for free.