Poize Insider Is Partnering With Facebook To Host A Workshop For Women Entrepreneurs

The Poize Insider Network and Facebook have partnered to offer our women entrepreneurs a workshop on leveraging the worlds largest social media platform to grow your business.

The workshops will hold in Lagos and Abuja, and will cover the following: 

Growing & Understanding Your Audience

- A deep-dive into audiences: who they are, how they behave and how to communicate with them. 

- Identifying your target audience

- Four ways to grow your audience using Facebook tools

- How to use Page Insights to understand your audience

Content Rules

- A deep-dive into content – how to create effective and engaging content for your target audience

- How to identify your business goals

- How to identify your target audience

- How to create engaging content: text and visuals that will make a difference to your business

Intro to Facebook Pages

- The basics of marketing including online marketing

- What is marketing

- Why businesses should do marketing

- 4 questions to ask before doing any marketing

Grow Your Business with Facebook

- An introduction to Facebook Advertising and using ads to grow your business. 

- How Facebook Ads work

- How to create an Ad through a simple step-by-step process

- How to measure the success of your Ads

Click here to register and reserve your seat.