10 Lesson From Our Fireside Chat With Uber Nigeria's Country Lead, Maria Rotilu


Last Friday we hosted a fireside chat with Uber Nigeria’s country manager, Maria Rotilu. In a conversation themed ‘positioning yourself for the big win’, Maria shared some useful nuggets and insights about taking advantage of opportunities to get to the next level in your business and career.

A few of them below:

1.       Have clear goals and be intentional in the way you pursue them. She talked about instances where she identified areas she wanted to become more proficient in, so she offered to help senior colleagues do the research and ground work for projects in those areas, which made it more likely that she would get selected to work on the final project.

2.       Keep an open mind. Sometimes opportunities are found in the most unexpected places, and you could miss out on them if you’re inflexible

3.       Keep processes simple. It is easier to get people to adopt a process if it is simple. It also helps if you incentivize adoption.

4.       Surround yourself with a tribe of supportive people. Having people in your corner who are willing to offer the support you need to get to the next level is crucial. This is particularly important for women who often have to work much harder to prove themselves.

5.       Understanding what makes your team members tick as individuals is essential to keeping them motivated

6.       Identify the unique skills and value that you bring to the table and build on them.

7.       Competition is a good thing. It keeps you on your toes. Embrace competition

8.       However, do not measure your areas of weakness against your competition’s strengths. Do not focus on the competition to your detriment. Always play to your strengths

9.       In your business, usage should drive process design. Let your customers' preferences reflect in process design

10.   Don’t design processes based on just your current needs. Design processes that are scalable and let your business grow into it.

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