5 important things you need to 'side hustle' successfully

Side hustles are really awesome!

They can provide you with much needed extra income (those bills won’t magically pay themselves!), help you afford a better lifestyle, and give you an opportunity to explore your passion without leaving the security of your full-time job.

However, as much as the prevailing opinion on side hustles is that they’re a direct path to financial security, it does take some thought and planning to launch and sustain one successfully.

To run a successful side hustle, there are a few key things that need to be place, and some questions you’ll need to ask yourself.

Thankfully, you don’t need too much to get the basic in place, thanks to the ton of information available on the internet. A laptop, some coffee and wifi, and you’re good to go.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring a few important, yet overlooked things you’ll need to succeed in your side hustle.

A plan

While it’s true that you shouldn’t wait until everything is perfect to launch, diving in blindly is not the way to go. It might seem like stating the obvious, yet too many people proceed with a goal in mind, but no clear plan on how to achieve said goal.

Your plan doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It just has to serve as a guide on how to proceed. Basics like how many hours you can realistically dedicate to working on your hustle each day, how you intend to generate clients, what kind of clients you want to serve, your terms of service, what the legal and regulatory considerations are, etc.

Your use of time

The thing with side hustles is that you have to fit it in with all your other obligations and commitments. With a full-time job and other responsibilities, you’re already pressed for time every single day. If you struggle with discipline and time management, you’ll need to address that, otherwise, you’ll have a difficult time juggling a side hustle on top of everything else.

Work with a schedule, and outsource what you can afford to, to free up more time.

A network

Networking is a key part of the side hustle life. You need others to share ideas with, help you stay motivated, and send referrals your way.

You would be wise to actively seek out people whose work and skills are complementary to yours as well as those in the same field as you, but with more experience, and connect with them.

Also, joining a community like CapitalSquare, means you have access to a diverse network to take advantage of. Sweet!

Continuous learning.

The more you know, the more you grow. Make it a point to keep your skills fresh and updated. Be informed about the latest news and trends in your industry. Point is, make sure you keep getting better at what you do.

Self care.

Don’t be so focused on work that your wellbeing suffers as a result. You need to be fit and healthy to do great work, and it’s impossible to do when you’re sleep deprived or not eating right.

Running a side hustle successfully is no piece of cake, but with a little planning and a supportive community like CapitalSquare, you’re sure to make magic happen!