Member Spotlight: Christabel Ikpen of Parizzo

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Each month, we sit down with a member of our community to talk about their work, their experience working out of CapitalSquare, and to just generally let the world know how awesome they are.!

This month, our spotlight is on Christabel Ikpen, support analyst at Parizzo aspiring blogger and lifelong Beyonce stan!

Who: Christabel Ikpen

What she does: Support Analyst

Has worked from CapitalSquare since: February 2018


Hi, Christabel! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Hiya!!!! My name is Christabel Ikpen. I am a graduate of Geography and Regional planning from Delta state University, Abraka Nigeria. I am also an alumni of Poise graduate finishing Academy, Nigeria. I am from Delta state.

What’s your typical workday like? Tell us about what you do for Parizzo.

I joined KuttyA10 Limited (Parizzo) early February of 2018 and it has been awesome. My typical workday is basically me and my PC. Being a Support Analyst for Parizzo entails being online to monitor what is happening and also being able to attend to customers needs and complaints as they arise.

What's it like working as a Support Analyst? What's your favorite part of your job?

I think being a support analyst requires lots and lots of patience as it’s important you attend to all customers and help with whatever issues they might be having or experiencing.

That being said, I truly enjoy problem solving for my clients. The feeling I get once a customer is satisfied with the services rendered or when they get their complaints solved is everything. Positive feedback does it for me. It is fulfilling.

What is the best career related advice anyone has ever given you?

The best career advice I have received came from a person I really respect. He told me to always stand out. Learn that extra skill, attend that lecture. Always have an unfair advantage. I've always gone out of my way to follow this advice, and it has served me well on many occasions.

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you pick?

 Beyonce! She’s hardworking,  a go-getter, philanthropist, a mum, a wife, a billionaire…she’s beautiful. Come-on!!!! I'd definitely want to be Beyonce for more than a day even. LOL!!

Tell us one fun fact about you

I'll share three: I am an aspiring relationship blogger. I run a Facebook page called Funky Bellatrix. I also enjoy dancing.

When you're not working hard to make your clients happy, how do you unwind?

I love watching movies and discovering new places to hang out and just chill

You've worked from our Lekki space for a few months now. What are your thoughts about CapitalSquare?

Okay, so don’t laugh. Prior to my coming here I had not really experienced the co-working space thing. It was totally strange to me but I got used to it eventually. The environment is cool and calm, I have been able to network and make new friends. It has been an awesome experience so far,and I am loving it!

It's been great chatting with you, Christabel. Thank you for your time.

You're welcome!

That's all folks! You can connect with Christabel via: 

LinkedIn: Christabel Ikpen