Doing These 4 Things will Improve your Creative Thinking


I think the consensus is that creativity is something to be desired. We all admire people we consider to be creative – great artists, performers, creators…

On the other hand, we tend to think that creativity is only possessed by a select few and can only be found in specific fields such as the arts and in the entertainment industry. Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Creativity simply put, is the ability to use existing things in new ways to create unique solutions. Creativity is basically approaching things with a different perspective from the norm.

As an entrepreneur, creativity is an important quality to possess. Even if you do not consider yourself to be a creative person, it can be cultivated and improved upon.

In this post, we’ll explore four simple ways you can prime your mind and get your creative juices flowing:

Read and consume information from a wide variety of sources

Creativity is taking ideas and knowledge from different sources to create new solutions or things. The thing is, Inspiration for new ideas hardly ever come from what you already know alone.

Exploring ideas from different, varied sources is a great way boost your knowledge base and provide fuel for new ideas.  A few great ways of doing this is travelling and experiencing new cultures, exploring new subject matters different from your area of expertise, and meeting new people.

Don't spend your time doing it all

Many entrepreneurs find that they need to wear many different hats, especially when they’re just starting out. As time goes on, this remains the norm, even when they can afford to delegate or outsource. The problem with doing it all though, is that your mind is perpetually in motion, thinking about all the things you need to do, and this hampers your ability to be creative.

Creativity flourishes when you are not bogged down with distractions and an endless to-do list. Even the most talented artists and creators need to take time away from the bustle of everyday life if they're to create great work.

Time is a precious, limited resource, and spending yours on busywork that can be delegated, limits your ability to think creatively. Taking advantage of technology to automate certain processes and tasks is a great way to free up time and mental energy.

Get better at time management

Using your time effectively and planning ahead helps to eliminate distractions and reduce stress and friction that could get in the way of thinking creatively. A solid time management technique is setting a theme for each day of the week.

Schedule regular downtime

It’s near impossible to be creative when you’re exhausted from overwork. Not only is working without taking break a recipe for burnout, you’re unlikely to come up with fresh ideas when you’re stressed out.

Taking scheduled breaks from your work, phones and devices allows your brain to recharge. Many times, the best ideas come to you when you take time away from work. Even Bill Gates attests to this


Creativity isn’t some mythical creature or a magical ability bestowed on a a select few or limited to artistic pursuits alone. Everyone has a measure of creativity in them. It is up to you to be intentional about harnessing yours.

Got any tips or hacks for boosting creativity? Do share in the comments.