Member Spotlight: Dave Ogiemudia of Ogiemudia Dave & Co

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Each month, we sit down with a member of our community to talk about their work, their experience working out of CapitalSquare, and to just generally let the world know how awesome they are.!

This month, our spotlight is on Dave Ogiemudia, CEO at Ogiemudia Dave & Co

Who: Dave Ogiemudia

What he does: Chartered accountant, tax expert & management consultant

CapitalSquare Member since :  January 2018


Hello sir! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your professional background

I'm a graduate of accounting, a chartered accountant, chartered tax expert, risks manager and management consultant. I am a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), and the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria (CITN) respectively. I am also a member of the Global Association of Risks Professionals (GARP) and Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA).

I have gained over twenty-three years active professional experience, spanning professional audit and accounting practice, oil & gas services, construction & engineering, health-care, banking, and power sectors of the Nigerian economy.


Wow, that's quite impressive sir. with so many different skills, I imagine that you wear many hats at your organization. What’s your typical workday like? Tell us about what you do for Ogiemudia Dave & Co

I am currently the Managing Partner/CEO of Ogiemudia Dave & Co. As a corporate leader, I discharge the responsibility of translating our vision into reality by motivating and influencing my colleagues to make quality contributions in the value-addition process. 

As you can imagine, a typical workday could be hectic. The hectic activities include but not limited to working assiduously to meet with timelines for submission of business proposals/expression of interest, reviewing field work papers towards completion of an audit assignment, attending meetings with regulatory institutions on behalf of clients and a lot more.

How long has Ogiemudia Dave & Co been around for and what services do you currently offer?

Ogiemudia Dave & Co have been in business for about four years and still counting. Our firm is an audit and financial & management consultancy outfit with the following service offerings:

  •  Audit & Assurance- External Audit and specific assurance assignments
  • Accountancy- Developing/implementation of accounting systems, automation of accounting systems, fixed assets management, management accounts and reports
  • Tax Regulatory & Advisory- Tax planning & strategies to achieve efficiency, preparing and filing tax returns, handling tax disputes for clients with tax administrators
  • Forensics & Investigation- Revenue assurance, excess bank charges, insurance claims dispute
  • Business & Financial Advisory- Preparing business plans and viability appraisal reports, investment appraisal, developing financial strategy
  • Corporate Advisory- Incorporating businesses for clients, filing of annual returns to CAC, Advise on corporate statutory matters
  • Management Consultancy- Training & Re-Training, Business Process Re-engineering, employee outsourcing

What would you say is the most significant lesson you’ve learned in your career as an accountant? What would you do differently if you had to start over?

Hmmmm! I have learnt to be a hard-fighter and never to give up. Above this, integrity is pivotal to any successful career. If I have to start anew, I would definitely prefer to spend a shorter time in paid employment and embark on my entrepreneurship journey sooner.


What are your goals for Ogiemudia Dave & Co over the next 5 years?

Our medium term goal is to match the Big 4 in terms of service quality output and to dominate the African market by successfully running practice offices in places like Johanesburg, Accra, Nairobi etc.


What are you currently working on? Please share with us

We have just won a revenue assurance contract from the NSITF in the last few days and about to commence work on the project.

What keeps you going when things get challenging at work?

Whenever there are challenges at work, all I do is to re-focus on the words of Robert H. Schuller which says “Tough times never last but tough people do”. With this in mind, I see the challenges as mirages and I am encouraged to forge ahead despite the seemingly impossibilities.

Enough about work! When you're not solving problems for your clients, what do you do for fun?

How do you unwind? At times I go to the cinema to watch movies. I also engage in physical exercises like jogging once in a while. I enjoy hanging out with old school mates to discuss humanitarian plans for our Alma Mater too.


What advice would you give any young person who is starting out as an entrepreneur?

My sincere advice for any young person intending to become an entrepreneur is to pay all attention to finding the solution to an identified human problem and delivering same. Money will chase after such entrepreneur over time. The fulfillment actually lies in being able to solve human problems and not in the money making because money in itself doesn’t give satisfaction and happiness.


You’ve been a CapitalSquare member for some time now. What do you like about CapitalSquare?

The service offering of CapitalSquare in Nigeria is unique. It saves start-up businesses from spending too much in set-up costs while freeing more funds for working capital with the attendant impact on the bottom line. For this I salute the initiative that birthed CapitalSquare.


Thank you for your time sir. It's been an insightful conversation!

You're most welcome.


That's all, folks! Get in touch with Dave Ogiemudia via: