Tips On How To Cowork Like A Boss!

When you cowork, we want you to do it right. In style, and like a boss. These tips would help you socialize better with your coworkers, boost your communication skills, and ultimately help you build trust and connection with like-minded individuals.

  1. Ask Questions:

Do not be afraid to ask about any and everything. Talk to your coworkers and your hosts, let them know what you need. Network. Also, be very specific when you ask for stuff.


2. Be an active member of the online community:

Whether it's a Slack channel or a WhatsApp group that your cowork space has generously put together for the furtherance of community bonding, be a part it.


3. Remember names:

Nobody likes it when they have to remind you what their name is every single time they run into you. It's annoying, just remember.


4. Optimize the offerings:

Whatever offerings you get from being a member of the space, make use of them. Your space is hosting an event? Attend. this would further the feeling of community for both parties.


6. Be disciplined:

Being disciplined will help you stay focused on your tasks and not get drawn into all the other stuff that's happening around you all the time.


Feel free to let us know if these tips work for you, and share with us more tips if you have them. We love to hear from you!