Here's Why We Stan Ty Bello!

Toyin Sokefun-Bello, popularly known as Ty Bello is a Nigerian Woman in Business. She’s a singer, songwriter, philanthropist and photographer. She’s popularly known for her photography and her singles “Greenland”, Funmise”, “Ekundayo”, “This Man” and “Freedom”. Apart from how classy her shots always come out and how she’s a great mom to Christian and Christopher, here are some other reasons why we totally love Ty Bello:

  1. She keeps her private life, private. As cliche as this might seem, it is not something that can be said about many celebrities. We get that it comes with the territory but Ty Bello still finds a way.

  2. She's a consistent business woman. She started out after her degree in Economics from University of Lagos with journalism, then singing then art and photography. Even though it seemed like she was at the peak of her career in 2012 when she became the official photographer of the then president, Goodluck Jonathan, she still kept pushing herself and improving her craft and even now, she's not stopping and this inspires us to keep pressing on.

  3. She has her own style. She has managed over the years to carve out her own style of hair and dressing and has stuck with it so much so that it is now the brand. Love it.

  4. She’s a total humanitarian. She cares about the next person and it shows.

  5. She is unashamed about her religion: She screams it from the rooftops and writes it on the sky lines in this godless age and we are totally here for it.

  6. She’s a woman! Here at CapitalSquare, we are all for supporting women and this is one woman we proudly support.

    Go girl!

Wumi OtokitiComment