Lunch and Learn Recap: Cold Email Tactics to Win You Great Deals

The much anticipated Lunch and Learn with Damilola Aransiola may have come and gone but the memories will linger and the lessons we learnt, live on.

The event was held at our Lekki space and facilitated by WhogoHost. Although it lasted for only an hour, it covered everything from what a cold email is, to how to send emails that would get you a response and even how to get prospective email addresses.

What is cold email?

Damilola knew that many were wondering, so he explained that, a cold email is an email sent to a potential customer that has had no prior relationship with you. In many respects, a cold email is the same as a cold phone call – it's just much less intrusive and that even though it sounds very much like spam mails, the difference between them couldn’t be further apart.

The event turned class was both active and interactive. There were questions from every corner which Damilola brilliantly answered but my personal favorite, especially because it didn’t even come from someone in the physical class -it was streamed live on our Instagram page- was “Is it advisable for a financial services company to use a 3rd party email marketing company like Mailchimp?”

It was my favorite because I was recently wondering the same thing, but for a different institution and it turns out that not only is it advisable, it is one of the best tools for startups ever!

Also, did you know you could hack through the internet for anyone’s (that’s right, anyone at all!) email address? Because you can. A whole lot more cold email secrets were revealed, if you’re interested, here’s a link to the material.

Time really does fly when you are having fun or in this case, learning because the allocated hour for the event was over before we knew it.

We were very pleased that the facilitator, WhogoHost, treated everyone present to a sumptuous lunch. Feeding both our minds and our bodies.

We're also very thankful to everyone that took time out to attend the event and we hope that it surpassed your expectations.

Let’s do this again, soon.

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