Frequently Asked Questions About Coworking Spaces: CapitalSquare.

According to Wikipedia, Coworking is a style of work that involves a shared workplace, often an office, and independent activity. Unlike in a typical office, those coworking are usually not employed by the same organization.

Alternatively, “Coworking” or “Co-working,” is a generic word that’s generally used to describe any situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together, but not for the same company.

Weird as it may seem to some, coworking is still a relatively new concept altogether, to others. As with everything that is new to one, there are so many questions concerning coworking, how it works, its pros, cons and many more, that is why in this blog, we would take out time to answer some of these questions, with CapitalSquare as our case study.

  1. Can I stop by when I am in the area or do I need to make an appointment?

    Whenever you are in the area, you can totally just walk in, sign in at the front desk and there’ll be someone waiting to take you on a tour around our space at either location. However, you can also book a tour here for us to be more informed about you and what you do so as to make your tour detailed and concise.

  2. What does CapitalSquare membership include?

    Our membership plans were made with every kind of entrepreneur in mind to meet each ones specific needs. We have the Day/Week Pass, Resident Membership,Private Office and Virtual Membership. You can compare plans and prices here.

  3. Do I get access to all locations?

    Yes, you do*

  4. Do I need to sign an agreement?

    Members are required to sign a Membership Agreement based on the type of plan they select.

  5. Are there any hidden fees?

    No, none whatsoever.

  6. What kind of events does CapitalSquare host for its members?

    CapitalSquare takes pride in hosting events that align with our values of community, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. Our events are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and deliver actionable ideas to grow your business. From time to time, we also have collaborative events, these include: advisory sessions, entrepreneurship/creative/technology workshops, non-profit and interest group meetups, skill sharing sessions, etc. More on events here.

  7. Can I Have Guests At My Private Office?

    Yes, you can have guests. All they have to do is sign in at the front desk and voila!

  8. What is CapitalSquare’s termination process?

    To end your membership with CapitalSquare, simply provide 30 days written notice on the 1st day of the month, for an end of the month termination. For example, if you’d like to end your membership at the end of August, you must provide your written notice no later than August 1st.

  9. What do I get for referring someone?

    As a CapitalSquare member, when you refer someone and they register, you get 10% off the person’s first bill. How cool is that?

*As a resident member or bulk pass subscriber, you can work from either of our spaces!

If you have any question that hasn’t been answered, do send a mail across to us on or ask in the comments section, you’ll get a response right away!