The Creative Ecosystem in Lagos.

Lagos and Nigeria’s creative communities are clearly headed towards the bright future. The

accessibility barriers to digital design are falling, and entrepreneurs and managers are

returning to Nigeria from abroad to introduce new, progressive company mindsets. It has

kicked into overdrive the past few years, with many passionate individuals working hard, in

peer-to-peer education and community support.

For startups, Lagos, Africa’s largest city, appears to be a land of promise with its huge

addressable population of over 20 million people and a tech ecosystem that's bursting with

energy and dynamism. In fact, the local startup ecosystem is valued at $2 billion, making it the

most valuable on the continent, according to a new report from startup Genome. Lagos is the

most valuable despite only having an estimated 400 to 700 active startups, much fewer than

the up to 1,200 in Cape Town-the largest startup ecosystem on the continent.

Lagos is a city undergoing tremendous growth and bursting at the seams with people, cars,

and opportunity. A rapidly growing middle class is coming online and embracing the internet.

A city of 20MM people that is projected to double in size in the next 15-20 years, there are

cranes in the sky all over the islands and the government is literally creating new land through

a reclamation process to build the “Manhattan of Africa” on Victoria Island.

To believe in the Nigerian startup ecosystem is to wrap your head around the opportunity that

the massive market represents as well as the possibility of building the leading ecosystem in

pan-Africa, a three horse race at the moment. Challenges persist, and must be viewed

through the entrepreneur’s lens as opportunities. The power grid is wholly unreliable, fiber

internet access limited, nowhere near enough developers, logistics and payments

challenging. But it’s also a market that is not crowded yet.

Key Points

● Creative Ecosystem as a whole is changing regardless of the industry.

● People are creating stuff and coming up with various ideas that can solve multiple

problems at a time.

● Opportunities sprouting in Lagos cannot be exhausted.

● Keep up with the flow and trend. Avoid been left in the dark about what is going on in

the general creative Ecosystem.


● We need to learn how to identify underlying problems in our environment and explore

various ways in which it can be solved.

● Be aware of the opportunities that are sprouting and think of ways to explore this


● Be abreast of whatever changes that is taking place in the general ecosystem. In

doing this we need to be abreast of information that are going round in the industry

we belong (local and international).