Women in Coworking; Solape Hammond.

The way in which the world works and does business has changed enormously

over the years, pushing further the entrepreneurial narrative.

Nigerians are not left behind in this entrepreneurial venture with our women

being in the fore front as stated by the BBC in a recent study, saying that

Nigeria has the highest number of female entrepreneurs in the world. This

clearly shows how entrepreneurial Nigerian women are and how they keep

pushing the envelope in different sectors of the economy.

More and more women in Nigeria are entering the business world by the day,

and many more are being encouraged to do so. The inspirational stories of

women breaking the frontiers from all over Africa and the world at large have

motivated more women to venture into the male-dominated business world.

However, because of the monetary, mental and emotional cost of getting,

furnishing and smoothly running an office, coworking has become our safe

haven. This is one of the reasons why Solape, who is a business executive and

the Co-Founder and CEO of Impact Hub Lagos, decided to start a coworking


Impact hub is an innovation hub for entrepreneurs which provides work space,

offices, consulting services and capacity building programs that inspire,

connect and enable impact. Impact Hub Lagos is part of the rapidly

expanding Impact Hub network of over 16,000 members across 102 hubs in 50

countries worldwide.

More women are rising up to the challenge and have fully embraced the

concept of Coworking and judging by the current state of things, this will be the case for a long, long time.

Wumi OtokitiComment