7 Signs You Need a New Workspace

In Google dictionary’s terms, coworking is a type of work that includes “the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge”

Coworking can be a powerful tool to connect, network and level-up your work.

Some workspaces have a chill, creative vibe, others are more like traditional offices, some are focused on the beautification and glamour of the space, and some put the focus on programming and community engagement.

Cowork spaces differ one from another, and somewhere in the mix is that one that’s right for you.

If you’re coworking and you have come to realize that this is not the right space for you, it’s time to up and leave.

Here are 7 signs the space is not right for you:

  1. You Find Yourself Wanting to Work From Home:

    On a rainy day, that’s okay. However, when you realize that you constantly would rather work alone from the comfort of your own house rather than from the space, then maybe it’s time to get a new space.

  2. The Space is Overly Quiet:

    Emphasis on overly. We know that a lot of people like some quiet when they need to focus but a workspace should have an air of excitement. A little buzz never killed nobody.

  3. You Don’t Care That Not Going is Costing You Money:

    Money is usually a huge motivating force to do almost anything. So, when the money you lose on the days you do not show up no longer motivates you to go, then it’s time to leave.

  4. The Events Do Not Appeal to You Or There Are None At All:

    It is expected that we all have different fields of interest and so, not all events the community hosts or organizes would appeal to you. But when there is not a single one that sparks your interest, find a new space.

  5. It doesn’t Feel Like A Community:

    One of the key identifiers of a cowork space is community. So, when your community doesn’t feel like one, you already know.

  6. There Is Minimal Interaction:

    From the time you arrive at work till the time you pack up to go home, it’s the same routine everyday. Come in, work, take a lunch/bathroom break, work, go home. And it’s the exact same for the other people at your space. Hello? It’s time to leave.

  7. You Just Stop Going:

    When you would rather do anything else, be anywhere else, then it’s time for a new workspace.

If you relate with any of these, don’t let that ruin coworking for you. Coworking can be amazing. Send a mail to hello@capitalsqua.re. Your community is waiting!