7 Things We Learnt About How to Leverage Content and Influencer Marketing


Our Lunch and Learn, titled “SME 101: How to Leverage Content and Influencer Marketing” happened on the 7th of August at our Ikoyi space. Our facilitator, Gbenga Sogbaike, CEO and Chief Evangelist of Plaqad gave us insights on how to leverage our content and influencer marketing, sighting examples and drawing points from his and our businesses.

The class, which was attended by a number of founders and entrepreneurs was both educative and interactive.

If you missed it, here are 7 points to note:

  • Every sign up/lead is a potential customer. Follow up.

  • A huge following does not always translate to conversions. Know your audience and find an influencer accordingly.

  • Define your buyer persona (target audience) in details so as to know where to find them and effective ways to market to them.

  • Content marketing is front loading value to your customers. Build trust by solving the problems of your audience they didn’t even know they had with your content. (Blog posts with helpful tips, social media updates, etc)

  • To track the traffic you get from influencer marketing, customize links for each influencer.

  • Make sure that you are an influencer for your own business. People need to know the face behind the business as this builds trust.

  • As a small business, always remember that the goal is conversion and social media is a very helpful tool for achieving this.

See images from the event below: