5 Awesome Tools For Collaborating Remotely

Quick communication in any organization is crucial for success. Sometimes it can be difficult to gather entire teams for face-to-face discussions, especially when you have team members working remotely, as is the case for a lot of startups today.

The following collaboration tools help keep teams productive, regardless of where you're working from.



Asana is a multi-platform mobile and web application designed to enable teamwork without email. It offers all the tools for teamwork, light collaboration, and tasks, such as deadline settings, priority and label options, and a flexible work environment. Asana is one of the best tools to manage tasks, organize projects and stay connected with your teammates


Zoho brings together a wide range of online applications, making it easier for individuals and businesses to manage all their work. Your documents and data are stored online and can be assessed whenever you like, wherever you are. Zoho allows you collaborate with its online Wiki, edit Word and Excel documents, and more. All in real time.



Slack is a real-time messaging, archiving and search tool. It allows you to create open channels for projects, groups and topics that your whole team shares. You can add files and comments to channels and integrate with other services like Dropbox and Google Drive.


HipChat is a private IM network for companies. Create group chat rooms to work on projects, communicate with team members, coordinate with clients, handle problems quickly, or share new products and in real time. You can also share files and search through your chat history so you're always in the loop



Trello is a fast and flexible way of organizing all your projects. It makes use of a card-based structure to keep your project overview as uncomplicated as possible. Create custom columns like “To-Do” or “In Progress” to organize individual tasks. You can assign due dates, write comments and more for each card.

Services like these help effective communication among team members and helps workers become more productive and organised resulting in a very efficient, well-ordered business. 

Image source: John Cooper, Flickr